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Facebook might hate freedom, but it's still going strong here.
February 19, 2018, 06:18:53 PM by Infidelta88 | Views: 32 | Comments: 0

February 18, 2018, 11:08:32 PM by CRTA | Views: 76 | Comments: 10

Hey guys so i recently went to the STALKER lock in at VIP Airsoft and the Team SOGY asked us to join AA, which i already am, and write a review so here it is. So I got to the lock in a little late and I go in pay and come into the staging area and ask the head SOGY team member so which side do you need me to know any extra rules blah blah blah. Right off the bat the guy says, "why the fuck are you late." At this point im mad I mean pissed. I say I just got off of work, mind you i was only an hour late to the lock in. He goes I cant help you go get your gun chronoed and move. So right off the bat just have been disappointed. So i play MY first game and right when we go in one of the SOGY team members goes on our side and starts say this is what we are doing you dont likeit the get out of the game. Some kd just walked into the game and opens the door because the game started and the team member pushed him out of the way and said shut that fucking door. Kid was little. at this point I almost pulled the guy out of the game and talked to him because he was acting like a child. We paid 50 bucks to come and have someone hold us in a small room for half the game. After that round they said ready up for next game and members of the SOGY team went out into the arena and just started screwing around wasting everyones time. 30 minutes later they come out laughing and joking. Another 10 minutes pass and they line up so 40 minutes after the last round then we get briefed and go in. After this game it was half the lock in was over so they took a "30 minute break" which came out to be an hour. So fast forwarding to the second to last game was over they call us up last game of the night and it was 245AM and the lock in ends at 6AM. I go up to the long haired dude who was wasting everyone's time and go dude seriously this is the last game and we have over 3 hours left? He goes yeah it is. So i say to him well i hope you are going to be refunding everyone's money back to them because this is bullshit what kind of team are you. So after last game they decided to make themselves look like the good guys and say well we are just gonna have fun because our games ended way early. so they threw us into TDM which was by far the best round of the night and the last round. So all in all i hope SOGY never host another event because they are trash. *I will say not all SOGY members were bad there were about 3 good people from sogy there. Im happy this one member came to all us older guys and said hey guys please make sure we are looking after the little kids and making sure they are drinking enough water. He actually cared about others. Also the girl on sogy was very nice to everyone.* Now I love VIP Airsoft I love the employees and the field. The VIP EMPLOYEES that were working at the lock in that night were awesome they did everything right and i was blown away by how good they were to us. I want to give a shout out to The ref working that night, he needs a raise for dealing with SOGY's and the players shit. He really handled it like an adult. I am still continuing to go to VIP because it is the best field in Arizona by far. So to team SOGY this is not meant to be a trash talking post but I am giving you guys the feedback you wanted. Please don't host airsoft events at VIP Airsoft anymore unless you know what the heck your doing.
February 15, 2018, 07:46:45 PM by Mielikki | Views: 51 | Comments: 0

Visions of Death will be attending the Freedom Airsoft field This Saturday, 2/17/18, in Tucson Arizona for some community gameplay.
Feel free to join up with us and rack up the body count!
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