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Game at Sasco in Arizona WHO'S DOWN

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eric o. heredia:
Haven't seen no game action on here, So was wondering who would be down to game at Sasco in between Tucson and Phoenix.When middle of oct.2016.PUT THE WORD OUT TEAM DEATHMATCH/ CAPTURE THE FLAG/SO ON.

Red Devil:
Ok so this post is so vague I don't see how anybody will show up. You need a date and time not middle of october.

Obviously, he meant October 15th at exactly 12 noon as that's the middle of October.  Don't show up late though because then it's past the middle and the game is over. 

eric o. heredia:
As the forum states it's for discussion even if you don't have a time our date. 8) if we can get at lease twevle yes than let's make it real.Are you guys down? It looks like you guys are veterans.(leaders)

Kebab of remove?


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