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Willing to sponsor outdoor game


It seems like forever since someone has been able to organize a good outdoor game as we have had in years past. Great games like Papago mountain, battle Prescott and crossfire camp out.
I can imagine the effort it takes to plan and to organize such a game.
I unfortunately lack the time or expertise but willing to pay to sponsor such a game and willing to offer my staff to help with putting time in under the direction of someone willing to organize.
If you have some ideas and willing to be project lead please let me know so I can provided funding and assistance to pull it off. Perhaps we can combine an charity effort such as free entry for toys for tots or another deserving charity.
Let's revitalize the old days of great games.

Make airsoft Great Again.

I agree. Thanks for doing this!  I will say that northern Arizona airsoft network has been putting on a pretty good event every two months. They might be a good contact.


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