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Airsoft events worth going to?

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Are there any proper airsoft events going on anymore in Arizona?

I'm talking 18+ y/o only, no children.
Legal outdoor AO in great location.
Serious/mature players(Serious in lose terms. We're all out here with toys playing army).

I want to get back into the hobby, but after browsing what I see on this forum and some FB groups, I'm stalking to regret buying a few things already.

SVT Cobra:
Hey there! Welcome to Airsoft and Airsoft Arizona! To answer your question, there are great field games still going on but they have been on the decline. I think the Airsoft industry in the USA is stagnating right now but it's growing at least in Europe. I think we will see a rise soon however.

Regarding the games, most field games are open to all ages but usually those younger than 18 will have a guardian accompany them. However don't worry about the maturity level of the younger players at field games. These players tend to be more serious and play fair from my experience.

While we wait for field games to get organized (hopefully soon because we are having amazing weather!) I recommend you check out some of the paintball fields that also host Airsoft. I tend to frequent Wild West Paintball and have a lot of fun.

Lastly I would caution calling Airsoft guns "toys". AS guns still have the energy needed to put out eyes and puncture skin. Also their ultra realistic appearance warrants treating AS guns with certain respect...especially in public places.

Well welcome again and I hope to see you at a game! Cheers!

Edward McRichy:
I don't think there is much going on anymore.  My team hosted a few summers in a row a large game up on the rim in the national forest, our last one had 80 or so in attendance.  We have stopped hosting games due to life changes in general with our team mates, I for one was the primary organizer of our summer games but have since moved to Tucson, a few other team mates have moved away as well.  There are a few other teams who have hosted great games in the past as well, don't know what they are doing but I'm sure they have gone through some changes.

We are planning a game on April 29th in Payson. Keep a look out. Post will come out soon with details and game type.

Payson, end of April - sounds good.


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