Author Topic: Please Read: Newbie Suggestions  (Read 8883 times)

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Please Read: Newbie Suggestions
« on: March 10, 2005, 01:07:57 AM »
Alot of you new guys are a bit young to roll with the big boys, but you're here anyway so let me share some advice.

Learn all you can and realize that you don't have to post just for the sake of posting.  

Use this forum as a tool, and ask questions only if you can't find it from a search.

Don't revive topics unless you have something meaningful to add.  Check dates to be sure.

Be respectful (and respectable), and we will show respect to you.  If you act like an idiot and post ridiculous trash, we will form an opinion of you based upon that.  

We do, however, realize there is a difference in the way a person acts on a forum and in real life.

Don't use IM language.  You're not in that big of a hurry that you need to excessively abbreviate.

Proofread and preview your posts.  If it doesn't make sense there, it won't make sense to the rest of us.

Don't be thin-skinned.  There won't be any personal attacks on you from other forum members, but we're not exactly a bunch of girl scouts here.  Don't be easily offended, and take any criticism for what it's worth.

Disregard forum rank.

Enjoy the boards and last of all. . .

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