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Excessive Bumping Now Met With Excessive Force


Listen :

I have a full time job and we only have like three other moderators (who also have full time jobs) now.

When I come home and I have like a half a dozen PMs about you guys tattling on each other for bumping too much, it irritates me.

Read the rules, they're there for a reason. I will give this until Monday to sink in and after that I'm just going to start erasing. People and posts.

Some of you just can't help but make multiple for sale adds even though your previous sale is still on the first page. From now on, if you make a new sale and your old sale(s) is within 3 pages of the front, your old sales get deleted. This also goes for WTB threads. Do this to excess and you will enjoy a vacation from AA.

I am really getting tired of deleting people's excessive bumping.

READ the rules, or we drop the ban hammer.

How to know if you are excessively bumping:
Take the date of your last post and count the days until today, if it does not add up to 7 then do not post. I don't care if you don't post "bump", if you post anything, "updated" "pms replied" "edited" "new" "now with pics". They all count as a bump because they bring your post to the top of the page.

Spring break reminder of the rules. If you think your post in you sale thread is missing, do some math and see if you bumped prematurely, more than likely you did.

Remember that you should have conversations in PMs, not in the for sale area.

Make sure you are accurate in the description of you items, if it is a replica, please state so. Buyer beware, it is your job to make sure what you are buying is what you intended to buy, we will not intercede on your behalf. Scam artists will be banned.

BUMP every 7 days, not 4, not a weekend, not a friday, only after 7 days have passed.

This also does not mean you just edit your old ad out and create a new one.  You get one active ad at a time and one ad only.  If we are feeling generous, we MIGHT merge them for you.  Otherwise we are going to just delete both of them.  These rules apply to anyone bumping, I don't care if it's your thread or not.


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