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This is the classified ads section.  This section is NOT a discussion forum.  PLEASE post ONLY questions for the seller.  Also please refrain from posting negative or FYI comments in ads that are not yours.  If a seller is selling a used item for $50 more than what it costs new, that's his problem.  Do NOT post a new sales ad if you already have an existing active ad.  You are allowed to bump your thread ONCE every SEVEN days.  Bumping your ad more often than that will result in action against your account.

Feel free to use the feedback system retroactively but only if you can link to the ad you did business on.  Duplicate Feedback will be deleted.

For those of you who seem to be incapable of counting to 7 or think they are clever and will bump friends ads and have them return the favor or delete their old ad and make a new one.

I don't care who's ad it is, if it's been less than 7 days and you bump it for the sake of bumping it, action is going to be taken against your account.  This has been a forum rule for ages and it's not rocket science to figure out.  Consider this your warning.

This seems to be a problem again for some people to understand.  You are allowed one ad at a time and one ad only.  Not one per item, or one per week.  One ad at a time.  Nor are you allowed to just keep creating ads every couple of days for the same items over and over.  This is not Craigslist.


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