Author Topic: Recommended Hydration Carrier/MAP & Other Plate Carrier Ideas  (Read 2158 times)

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    I'm looking for a small, low-profile hydration carrier that satisfies the following:
    • MUST attach to molle, wearing a backpack with traditional straps over a PC will not work for me
    • Integrated Storage (preferred)/small enough to fit pouches on back/has its own molle
    • Must carry a decent amount of water for hot Arizona days (2-3L)
    • Doesn't hang over the back of the 6094a
    • Small enough to still be comfortable riding in vehicles
    • Preferably doesn't break the bank
    • Preferably removable straps to use a backpack/standalone carrier
    • Multicam-preferred, Coyote/DE might be acceptable

    Also looking for ideas to minimize my profile, weight, and to streamline the sides.

    My current rig includes:


LBT-2645 Kangaroo Triple 5.56 Insert
3 x HSGI Tacos
Admin Pouch

3 x Blackhawk Flash Grenade Pouches (holds 2 x ThunderBs and 1 x Tornado)
Back Left is empty for access to belt-mounted dump pouch and streamlining, although another pouch on my weak side wouldn't interfere too much.

Tear-Away IFAK
Most of right is empty for access to belt-mounted pistol and streamlining, really wanting to keep this side as clear as possible.

Dual 5.56 Pouch for buddy mags
GP Pouch that I can reach with arm behind back
Looking to replace the back with Hydration Carrier + Pouches or MAP
Back of the 6094a has 6 molle columns wide by 6 molle rows tall

IFAK is in a pretty necessary spot.
I tried moving my grenades to either side of my admin pouch, but they interfere with shouldering a rifle.
I also tried placing them on my back, but it was too difficult to unhook the pouch and draw the grenade in any timely manner, so they're stuck on left side, but they add a lot to a larger profile.
Radio is not necessary.

Hydration Carriers/MAPs I was looking at:

Hydration Only
  • SKD PIG Hydro - 2L This is probably one of the biggest candidates as it is a good height and somewhat affordable ($100 for carrier and bladder). However, it doesn't have straps to be used as a regular backpack and I'm not sure if it would allow for additional pouches to the side.
  • Camelbak ArmorBak Moderately affordable ($80), fits the back of 6094, carries 3L. However, Camelbak's new bladders have had issues with leaking when under pressure, it doesn't attach via molle (uses grimlocs), doesn't have straps for use as standalone, and may or may not allow for additional pouches on the back.
  • TYR Tactical Hydration - 50oz Horizontal Moderately affordable ($60-70 for carrier + bladder), would allow me to put mag pouch and GP pouch below it. However, only carries 1.5L of water.
Hydration + Cargo
  • GMR MiniMap and Pantac MiniMap These were perfect for what I was looking for, however GMR was limited edition, and I can only find the Pantac ones on AmpedAirsoft, and they have very limited color selection. This was the perfect size, included an integrated dual-mag pouch+hydration+straps+molle+additional storage. If anyone knows where to get one of these, please let me know.
**I found the larger version of Pantac's MiniMap, the LWMS. It is a pretty sweet bag, but it honestly looks like the molle webbing they used is woodland on the multicam bag. You can find these for $63 on WGCshop (not sure if it comes with a bladder), or $112 from Redwolf (comes with bladder), or $160 from PantacUSA, I just wonder how large they are as I can't find any dimensions.***
  • LBX-T Mini MAP Fits on 6094 (and it's LBT), has additional storage options. However, it is somewhat pricey ($120 with no bladder), and only carries 1L of water.
  • Pantac MBSS (MAP Replica) Additional storage, moderately affordable ($80), carries 2L, includes straps to use as a backpack. However, requires me to order from RedWolf (although this would give me an excuse to buy an eglm too), and has no molle for additional pouches/goodies.
  • Condor Hydration Carrier II Affordable ($30-40), carries 2.5L, includes straps to use as backpack, and has additional storage. However, hangs over 6094a by about 1 inch, it's Condor, bladders are questionable, and doesn't come in Multicam.

I also looked into the Flatpack and some Mystery Ranch stuff but they didn't quite strike my fancy.
If you have any other recommendations or own any of the above, please share (pictures would be nice too).[/list]
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