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New guns come along and we want to hear about them!! or... if you have an old one that you like, lets hear about it.

Please do not make a new review for something that has been done before, use the search function! If you want to add, please do, but make it useful and not just a necropost.

Here are a few guidelines to make your review useful to everyone.

Photos are great, please include them or give us a link.

Details(thanks Rogue Fox):
stock barrel length and bore
Range/accuracy stats
battery location
included parts[did it come with Irons and the like?]
Mag choice[kwas are known to be picky about mags, what are you using and how do they work?]
What have you done to it?

Price, and where you got it.

Personal experience!! (how has it done on the field? broke? modified?)


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