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Echo 1 Timberwolf broken outer barrel

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I'll admit this is more of rant than anything else. I've been having issues with feeding on the magazines with my Echo 1 Timberwolf, so I've been working on fixing that. So when I was testing it, all of sudden, the outer barrel shoots out and lands on the floor. Color me surprised when that happened.

Here for your amusement is a picture of the outer barrel pieces.

Needless to say, after looking online a little bit, I found that this is not uncommon with the Echo 1 Timberwolf (or the WE 17 on which it's based).

Combine this with the magazine feed issues I've had with 3 different magazines, I'd have to advise anyone considering buying this to stay clear.

As an additional note, I can not in good faith recommend the KWA ATP pistols if someone was looking for a Glock style pistol. While KWA tries to market the ATP as a training tool, personal experience in a training environment with new KWA ATPs, makes the ATP a no go. Too many failures (Not to mention the way they hide the gas fill point).

Thanks for the info! It really help a lot. Strange to hear that the WE g17 has issues. I've got a WE g18 and I've never had any problems.

No worries. I'm not saying that it will happen. I'm just saying that from what I've found it's not uncommon for it happen. 

I am doing a triple video comparison between the kwa ATP, echo 1 timberwolf, and the APS ACP. So far i havent seen many problems but the timber wolf does have mag problems but its due to a weak follower as they keep breaking. The ATP has a weak hammer spring issue as it is clearly not strong enough to provide a solid hit to the gas valve. The ACP is the only one without issues so far and seems the most promising for a glock style side arm. If the ACP wasnt CO2 it would probably be the best choice as the internals would have much less stress put on them using propane. Ill have to keep an eye on that barrel issue now.

Cool beans on the video. Post a link to it, if you can. 

BTW, I know all about the follower on the Timberwolf. I had to replace all of them already on the magazines I have.


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