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Valken v12 engine. Where to start?



I would  like  to  start  with  saying  thanks  for  all  the  comments  in  my  last  topic! Secondly, I  know  the  V12  system  has  a  bad  rap  and  it wouldn't  have  been  my  first  choice  if I didn't  get  a  good  deal  on  it. Please  keep  all  comments  productive!

I picked up  a  CM16  with  a  v12  preinstalled, red line regulator, ninja 62 3000  tank. It also has  a  Mad  Bull  Gemtech  SD  kit with  longer outer barrel  installed  so that the silencer  meets  the  end  of  the  rail.

The Internet has  very little  information  on  the  V12 system  so I was hoping  someone  could point  me  in  the  right  direction.

I plan on  installing  a  300mm  6.03 TBB with a R hop and was wondering  what  would  give me  the  best set up  for a 400 fps  field rifle? What color  nozzle  and poppet? What settings  for a 25 rps  that won't waste  any air?

Any comments  other than  switch  to  a P* will be   greatly  appreciated!

Quick update. Finally got moved in my new house and got to play a few games. I had some trouble with it Jamming on me. Come to find out that the lips on the G&G green bucking where folding in causing a pinch jam. I said F it and just changed out the barrel, bucking, and unit. It now has a 6.03 300mm TBB, prowin hopunit, modifiy bucking.  I was also having some feeding issues settings. Went back to the stock settings and now it works fine. With my TBB and a gold nozzle I'm getting 395 FPS at 80psi with my dwell at 2. Command Post will be doing a custom injected R hop I will also do some testing a gold poppet and the red nozzle and let you know how it works.


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