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Just got new KWA LM4 - need help choosing proper parts - only the best! :)


I'm going to do my best to keep this from being really long.

This gun shot great for a week, then my first day at Fightertown, first shot I tried to chrono, all I got was a little poof of air. I got that fixed and no longer have an issue with it.

I have two or three issue I want to get parts for pronto before the weekend.

I kept getting jams where when it wouldn't fire and I pulled the bolt back, two bbs were stuck on and above the feed ramp. I read this is because the hop up can move a bit and the best fix is to cut a groove into the in effect barrel forward of the hop up unit And out an o ring there to hold it.

The next issue is that it's not very accurate and in full auto they go all over the place. I used to hit guys that were running from cover to cover with one or two single shots from my TM M4 AEG. I have to spray a wall of bbs for them to run into with this. I read that the hop up bucking and hop up suck and that a Ra Tech (which as I understand is the same as Maple Leaf, is this correct?) Evo II hop up up unit and bucking will make things so much better.

I found this, and want to get it because it will solve all these problems:

It is a Ra Tech 6.01mm inner barrel and Ra Tech complete hop up unit and bucking. The barrel is already notched and comes with a c clip that fits the notch and holds the hop up in place. I'm sure it works way better than a notch cut by hand with a dremel and an o ring. I have some questions about it though. Please look at the link.

First - I was told by an Evike Customer Service Rep (not a tech agent though) that 6.01mm barrels are only usable with semi auto fire, no full auto firing. Ra Tech makes and sells it for this KWA gas powered LM4 though. Will I have any problems with it in my KWA shooting full auto? I understand that quality bbs are a must.

Second - every time I read that that hop up was a must and improves accuracy a ton, it was always called a "Maple Leaf Evo II". The above link where I want to buy it does not call it a Maple Leaf, but Ra Tech. It's the same right? And I don't know what degree the bucking it comes with is, but what is the difference? What's a 75 degree going to do vs an 80 degree or a stock degree bucking?

Please help me out here guys. I need to order ASAP. I'd like to hear what everybody who has an opinion has to say, but please let me know (us actually, this could help others in the future too) if you're just speculating, are restating what you've read online, or are an experienced airsoft techie or have first hand experience with KWA GBBRs and the type of parts and issues I'm talking about.

Thank you guys so much for your help. I sure do hope I get my original username back (see my introduction in that part of the forum) but either way I'm glad to be back on here. It seems like it doesn't get as much use now that airsoft isn't totally new like it used to be but that is okay. This forum is a wealth of knowledge from good guys helping other good guys with the sport we all love.

Thanks again,
Joey N.

As long as you're using good BB's there's nothing stopping you from using full auto with a 6.01 barrel.  I've got PDI 6.01's in more than one gun, never had an issue.

Hey, I am actually looking to buy one of these down the line and this is great info! The only contribution that I have to to say that RATech has been around a long time and although I haven't personally tried 'em I have always heard people bragging about the RATech parts they have in their gas guns.


--- Quote from: PeyotZET on January 28, 2017, 12:52:22 PM ---Hey, I am actually looking to buy one of these down the line and this is great info! The only contribution that I have to to say that RATech has been around a long time and although I haven't personally tried 'em I have always heard people bragging about the RATech parts they have in their gas guns.

--- End quote ---

Well because you are going to get an LM4 I'll fill you in on some things I have learned so far.

I bought the Ra Tech 6.01mm tightbore barrel and hop up combo.  The Hop up is the EXACT SAME AS THE STOCK KWA UNIT.  It is not an Evo II. I do t even know if it is a Ra Tech. I mean, everything is the exact same. NONE of the visual differences between the OEM hop up and the Ra Tech/Maple Leaf are there. Nothing is silver (stainless steel), the tensioner also is t the same shape as any of the Maple Leaf ones. I just ordered a Maple Leaf Evo II 80 degree hop up. I wanted a 75 degree but I can buy that bucking later. This kit comes with the evo 2 bucking, steel sleeve that goes over the bucking, and steel evo 2 style tensioner. I have high hopes. I'll let you know after I use it at Fightertown this weekend.

The jamming issues were likely from bbs that were too soft. I only use Elite Force now. The newer LM4s already have that notch in the inner barrel and a c clip stock from the factory. I noticed this when I took it apart to install the new barrel. BTW, when you first get the outer barrel off, if you cut the gas tube down a little bit, you can then access the hop up and in effect barrel easier in the future. You have to remove the muzzle brake, front sight, and sling swivel. The gas tube keeps the barrel nut and delta ring from turning until it's out. So now I can remove the outer barrel without removing all those parts. You'll understand when you take it apart the first time.

BTW-the guys at US Auto Weapons (has new name now, literally next door to Scottsdale Gun Club) loosened the barrel kit for me. I did t want to have to buy an AR armorers tool and an upper receiver vice. Now I just tighten it up until it's tight, but not overly tight. Saved myself a bunch of money in tools.

Also, I chrono'd too high on Sunday. It was 392 two Saturdays ago, 340-360 this last Saturday, and 412 the next day on Sunday. I put a DangerWerx CQB flute valve in it that I had modded a little the Friday before. It went from 412 to 388. I don't have a chrono so I didn't want to file it too much. I guess I did great though. You just file a little material off of the flat part on the back of the valve. Be sure to keep it even though or it will vary shot to shot a whole lot as it spins. I didn't take very much off at all. I just didn't want it to drop the velocity 60fps like I have read it does. I knew that if I needed to drop the velocity for Fightertown I would only need a reduction of 20-30fps.

Anyways, I'll post more to this as I try different things and let people know how they work out. I'll be at Fightertown on Saturdays 99% of the time and Sundays maybe half the time.

Oh, my future posts to this will be under my screen name "Mr. Joseph" from years and years ago. The administrators are going to help me get access to it. They already tried but the password didn't work. So any day I'll be posting under that screen name.

Later guys! I am so happy to have my favorite hobby back again!


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