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Is it worth it to switch to Lipo

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I have A few AEG's that im considering putting a mosfet into them so I car run Lipo's. is this something worth doing?

Yes, you can even put them on AEGs with no fet (7.4 only) they do better with outside temp changes and they have higher amperage (better trigger response). only downside is they can be ruined if drained too low and are more dangerous if you do something stupid. I have 2 9.6 batteries I still use because they are old and refuse to die but I never purchase new ones either getting high maH/C rating 7.4s or good 11.1s (with a good mosfet).

All airsoft guns are "lipo ready"....Step 1, install lipo.  Step 2 you are done.

A Mosfet is not required to run a lipo.  With any battery type I would highly recommend replacing the Tamiya connector with a higher amp rated connector. The Tamiya connectors are only 10 amps and if your gun draws more than 10 amps the connector will get warm and can melt. I've experienced this twice and replaced my systems with deans connectors (50 amps) and never had any issues.   

Thanks for the feed back, it seams straight forward enough.

Yeah, you can run a lipo in any gun without a mosfet, a mosfet is just more of a security protocol than anything. It will regulate the amperage coming in and prevent the battery from being too powerful for the gun. I'd recommend to start with a 7.4, as they are pretty similar to a 9.6 is terms of amperage, but give much better trigger response. A 11.1 can cause issues, in my VFC vr16 avalon when using an 11.1 on semi auto my gun will shoot twice because the voltage that the battery gives per trigger pull is too much, and it spins the gears around twice. A mosftet would fix that, so I'd recommend getting a mosfet if you're going to run a lipo, but you don't have to.


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