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I just noticed alot of other forums have these and I had fun looking through them. We already have the sexy gear discussion for Gear but nowhere for guns.

Group Shot Of my Guns:

Tokyo Marui Uzi

Tokyo Marui M4A1
Systema Tightbore barrel
Systema M120
Systema Metal Bushings
Sun Project M203

Classic Army M15A4 SPC
Painted by IcePlatinumSky

Tokyo Marui AUG
Metal Bushings
Metal Piston

Tokyo Marui FAMAS

By now, some of you may have already seen me using it in the field anyway, so here are a couple pics of my BAR. Its the only one of my collection that I have good pics of so far, so here are a couple.

All of the engineering and machining was done by myself.
Its a version 3 mp5 box that I had to rearrange and machine alot off of to fit inside of the receiver. The receiver was a solid piece of aluminum square stock that I meticulously machined to accomodate all of the outer real BAR harware whilst being able to accept gearbox internals. The inner barrel is a m16 tightbore. M120 spring, and lots of Ics parts inside. The motor and bevel gear had to be relocated towards the rear of the box, being that there is no pistol grip to house the motor.


Gantaliano Hoff:
Here's our (my dad's and Mine) meager collection:

My main Battle rifle: ICS M4

Here's an experimental camera setup. I'm working on camera protection now. But hopfully, in the future, I can capture some cool footage with this.

KJW M9 (two)

KJW M700

UTG M87 Shotgun

Two more that are currently not fit for pictures right now: ICS Mp5, and  Custom WGC M-16A2

Paul D Wog:
Here is my interpretation of the Master Key setup. I thought even the stock short shotgun was too long for a commando length M-4.


BFC Crew:
Here is my G&G GR16 R-5.

It has:

Reinforced Gearbox
Systema Steel Gears
Systema Metal Bushings
Guarder Metal Hop Up
M120 Spring
Air Sealed Nozzle
Reinforced Piston Unit
6.04 Precision Inner Barrel Tightbore
Harris Swivel Bipod
Simmons Scope

Just got it today.


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