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Very nice work, Paul!

What kind of modifictations were required to get that shotty so short?

Paul D Wog:
The most obvious is the shortened barrel. The magazine tube had to be shortened and the barrel brace and end cap moved and epoxied into place.
The forgrip had the middle taken out and renforced to strengthen it.At the rear the stock mount points were removed and covered with a plastic plate, that was sanded to shape.
most of my prototype work like this is done on cheap springers like this. These shottys are two for 20 bucks at JT. The cut down price was right for the cut down job. This could be done with a Maruzen CA870, but it would take a little more time and care. I did this last night between 9:00pm and 2:30 am. I was so tired I had to wait to post until this afternoon.
I'll probably do another one and do step by step photos.

Paul, you need to get yourself one of these for it to complete the look -

Of course it does have kinda of a LSS/MASS look with the mag sticking out.

Gantaliano Hoff:
I love that M249 Christian! I've wanted one ever since they came out.

 I hope you're on green on the 29th.  :?

Paul, that's just downright awesome.


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