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AR500 makes real Mandalorian armor


AR500 armor. Arizona's  Local Premier body armor builders have Teamed up with HK and several others.. TO bring us ... Mandalorian Armor from Star wars into our realm.

. Question is Would you Where this Armor  into A fireFight ??  ;)

Really tempting to wear that helmet for airsoft, but I feel like I would suffocate trying to run in it...

I see the Rail on the bracer there. wonder if it'd be a good Idea to slap a grenade launcher or something there? Maybe if you threw a rail riser or something to give it room... Anyone else see any ideas as to what the use of that would be? like a flashlight mount or something?

EDIT: Didn't realize this was an almost 2 years old post. My apologies. Feel free to delete if needed.

Just to get some more information out there, I was an R&D consultant for AR500 for about a year. There exists one set of this, and it is NOT ballistically rated. It lacks the proper components to prevent backface deformation, which is one of the factors involved in rating/certifying armor. There are plenty of materials that stop a round from penetrating, but if they exceed a certain amount of deformation on the backside, it can still pose significant injury risk to the user. There is a reason ceramic and UHMWPE plates are as thick as they are, and almost half of the thickness (at least with UHMWPE) is to mitigate backface deformation.

The helmet is incredibly hard to see out of, not surprisingly.

If you want something like this, Ryan Flowers at Galac-Tac (the original main designer) sells non ballistic versions.
Here is their website:

Franco S. Cruz:

If you're in a situation where you're already wearing a helmet.. pistols are not what you are worried about lol. Definitely need that

rifle rated front.


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