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Rapid Prototyping / 3D Printing / Foam Rockets
« on: December 26, 2012, 09:47:35 PM »
I now have my Foam Rockets for sale! 1.5inch and 2inch (40mm and 50mm)
I've been working on these for a few years and am finally happy with the final product.

The 40mm rockets are made to fit your standard grenade launcher and/or 1.5" PVC Barrels perfectly! Using a Madbull XMPB4 Grenade charged with co2, You can accurately shoot these rockets over 250ft.

The 50mm rockets are made to fit a standard 2" PVC barrel perfectly. Depending on your valve and chamber setup on your launcher, (mine is a quick exhaust valve operated launcher) you can accurately shoot these rockets over 350ft. (yep, that's right, destroy that vehicle before it even has range on you!)

Not only that, but these rockets are much more durable than others. After multiple launches and impacts, they still look and fly like new. They are very hard to tear!

FFR-40: $5 each  ($45 for 10)
FFR-50: $6 each  ($55 for 10)

Pictures and Video to come soon.

I recently bought a 3d Printer, for a number of reasons, and would like to make it available to the AA community.
3D printing is fairly new to the consumer market, but is growing fast. If you have an Idea for a part or item that you would normally mill/cut/dremel out of plastic, this is a great way to get that done cheaply, quickly, and precisely.

Free 3d files can be found all over the net, but a great place to start and get some ideas or just to see if anybody has already built it is here:

If you have something you need printed, let me know, and I'll see what I can do. Cost will vary depending on a couple different criteria, but I'm basically just charging for the material you use, plus a small amount for maintenance/up-keep costs.

If it's an awesome/unique idea/something really interesting, I might just give it to you for free. :)

My build volume is 140x140x130mm. Layer height .15 - .4mm (.05 increments). Smaller layer height is better quality, but will cost a bit more, larger layer height is less precise, but cheaper. Things tend to be a bit finicky on either end of the spectrum, I try to stay at .2 - .3mm, but I can go over all this with you when the time comes.

Models need to be delivered to me in a .stl format (stereolithography) in mm scale. ( can convert from inches for you if needed, but it is much less confusing to just stick with the metric system) The model must also be "watertight and manifold." If you've worked with modeling, you should know what this means. I will run the model through a watertight/manifold check, but the check is not always guaranteed (though I've never personally seen a false positive). If you supplied the model, and it passes the check but the print still fails, you'll need to pay for the wasted material (at cost, no markup).

Also, if any of you are familiar with 3D printing, you may like to know what printer I'm using. I'm printing on an Up! Plus+ (Afinia) 3D Printer. The printer software automatically generates excellent support systems, so any overhangs of any size are no problem. (just be aware that it will use more wasted plastic for the support structure)

I will only take the time to model the item for you if I really like the idea for something I would use. For example, if you ask me to make this really cool pistol grip for your AK47 based off this drawing you did. Not going to happen. I don't have the time for that.  But if it's something simple, I might help you out, just ask.
But if you give me a great idea, that hasn't been done before, I'll probably do what I can to model it, print it off, and give you one for free as a thank you. ;)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about so far, check my Shapeways store for ideas:

The colors and material available will change, and the price will change depending on that as well. I just got this thing, and am all out of the stock material it came with. (have been printing stuff off like crazy, tons of fun) However, I have several different materials on order, and don't mind purchasing more on an as needed basis. Again, just ask.

I will soon have Natural colored Nylon. This is still an experimental filament, but other users have had great results with quality and strength using this material. You can easily dye this to any color you want with clothing dyes. However you can not glue this material due to it being super slick. You can melt pieces together though.

I will soon have Green OEM ABS. This is a very reliable, precise, and strong ABS material.

I will soon have Olive Drab and Bright Orange 3rd Party ABS. Not sure how well this will print yet, but will find out soon.
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Re: Rapid Prototyping / 3D Printing / Foam Rockets
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2018, 05:15:32 PM »
Do you still make these?  BTW, they perform very very well, best rocket we have ever used!

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