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Mogollon Rim Event
« on: August 21, 2023, 10:03:56 AM »
Man its been a minute since I have come on here.
A few old airsoft friends and I are putting on a game up north near happy jack. Beautiful area. This has been posted in FB and Discord groups as well with pictures and such, thought I might come in here and kick some stones over :)

RSVP form at the bottom of post.

Operation Pinion Run
Mogollon MILSIM Event September 15th-17th, coordinates as follows.

34.63857480386703, -111.22059951999876

Mini Schedule
FRI - For those who would like to come up and camp the night before. We will have force on force games until sundown for any that wish to participate.
SAT -  0900 Briefing
0930 Guns Hot
1800 Scenarios End
SUN - 0800 Guns Hot
1400 Scenarios End

The overreach of the coalition forces of the Western Nations Trade Federation (WNTF) within the territory of the Free States Alliance (FSA) has hit a flash point, and the control of remote resource pylons has become a priority for both sides of the conflict.
Uniform Rules WNTF will wear modern NATO type camouflage: Multicam, MARPAT, CADPAT, Digicam FSA will wear older type and Russian camouflage: U.S. Woodland, Tiger Stripe, OD's, Flektarn RUSPAT. Varangian Regiment (Militia) Any other tactical clothing is acceptable. If you have a camo not listed, reach out and we will figure out where that might land and add it to our list.
 This is a 3 day MILSIM event up in the cool pines of the Mogollon rim. Friday evening will be for any small force on force games for those who would like to come up and camp that evening. Saturday will be the main all day event, with a briefing at 0900 and guns going hot at 0930 with the scenarios running until 6pm. Sunday, guns will go hot at 0800 and run until 2pm. This event will have dynamic scenarios; the outcome of a scenario will determine the objectives of the next one. Both sides will be wearing different types of green camo, so a chain of command, communication and teamwork will be essential to obtain victory. There will also be a militia element for those who do not have the camo types listed. They will be divided up into the different forces to help ensure a fair playing field.

General Rules:BIO bb's only please. The event is in the national forest, so let's do our best to keep it clean.
No guns shooting over 400 fps except for sniper rifles

Fill out the form included in the post to pick your side. If you are filling out the form for a team, only one of you has to complete it, just make sure you include how many are on your team.

Please be as flexible as you can on the team that you pick and include a contact email on the form. If we have too many going to one side, we will have to reach out to people to try to get the field as even as possible.
Be there for the Saturday morning briefing.