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Quote from: "Marauders Airsoft"
Some of the video from Left 4 Dead can be viewed at the following link:

Thanks again for coming out to the game.

As for OP: West Wing, the discounted admission for attendees of L4D is $30 for both days or $20 for just Sunday (the game).  This discount is valid at Gearbox Airsoft until March 7.
Lol that was actually really comedic.

Airsoft Items FOR SALE / Re: Small Sale
« on: February 28, 2010, 04:35:47 PM »
Have you ever chrono'd the WA pistols?

AEG's / Re: Weapon Photos Discussion
« on: February 28, 2010, 01:56:59 PM »
Very nice OldGameFreak... The KJW will not let you down. A very solid GBBR platform! Get the ASS buffer kit to up that ROF.

Quote from: "Wayney_Boy"
Quote from: "azcrazie"
the game got a 99.9% from me. The .1% that was annoying was the change in speed both zombies and survivors other than that the game was amazing. Also Mike had talked about a zombie game inside a buliding but you needed one to do it in, well on my way back into town i looked out my window and saw the old dog raceing track and i thought perfect

That's funny, cause me and Jeremy said that should be an airsoft arena on the way there. =D>
This was discussed and beat to death in another topic. The building is not suitable for play.

Accessories & Gear / Re: Eotech Replicas
« on: February 28, 2010, 01:10:23 AM »

Site Suggestions / Re: just a couple ideas for AA
« on: February 28, 2010, 01:08:49 AM »
We already have forums for all of this. :roll:

Accessories & Gear / Re: Gear Making! Thread for do it yourself-ers...
« on: February 28, 2010, 12:09:22 AM »
Quote from: "weedmann"
oooo, love the modeling, do you work out?? HAHA That's a pretty nice sling though, good stitching too, especially since it's by hand.
Rofl, no. Thanks. I don't have a machine capable of punching thru cordura easily, so stitching by hand is pretty easy, takes some patience though.

General Airsoft Discussion / Re: duracoat painting
« on: February 26, 2010, 04:29:55 PM »
Quote from: "Ganef"

Not worth the hassle if it comes in a rattle can IMO.
Eh, if its delicate stenciling then an airbrush makes it pretty easy. That's what attracted me to duracoat..but the price is high.

General Airsoft Discussion / Re: duracoat painting
« on: February 26, 2010, 09:21:20 AM »
Ganef, you can also get the krylon in liquid for airbrush, correct?

Airsoft Items FOR SALE / Re: A LOT of stuff..
« on: February 25, 2010, 04:15:31 PM »
Quote from: "Black Fox"
Busta Cap

How about some pics :D
........ [-X

Accessories & Gear / Re: Digital Camo
« on: February 25, 2010, 12:29:43 PM »
Quote from: "Ghillieman"
The Marines came up with the MARPAT design in late 2000. They were looking for a new pattern, a more effective pattern. Because of it's success the Army developed their own digital camo, the ACU pattern. The Air Force followed suit and designed a combination of tiger stripe and ACU. The Navy simply uses a combination of greys to compliment their digital pattern. The Canadians copied the idea but not the exact pattern. There are a couple of other countries that have adopted the digital pattern but the USMC was first. Just to set the record strait.

All that stuff is pretty inferior to A-TACS anyways. And in case you have been living in a closet, the US Army Finally announced the arrival of MC.

Spring Power!! / Re: Anybod have any exeprience with HFC USP or 1911s?
« on: February 25, 2010, 12:27:53 PM »
:lol: Oh my, you guys would LOVE if i could dig up the one where AZ Sarge made a mk12 Mod 0 out of PVC pipe..

Accessories & Gear / Re: Where to buy gear
« on: February 25, 2010, 04:38:54 AM »
Quote from: "Ghillieman"

great gear and I think the prices are fair.

For the price listed on that website for that Chinese rip off shit, I would rather pay literally a few bucks more and get it from a US brand like Eagle.

Airsoft Items FOR SALE / A LOT of stuff..
« on: February 25, 2010, 03:50:18 AM »
Storage unit is getting pretty full of stuff, need to move some stuff into the house so I am gonna try to get of some stuff. Some of the prices are negotiable, so contact me if you have any questions. Due to the sheer number of stuff I probably won't post pics but can take them if really needed. Please don't ask me to take a picture of something that is new, and can be googled.

New - KJW Police stock - $50
New - Hogue 700 Short action over molded stock for detachable magazine -$150
Used – KJW/Tanaka m700 Bolt assembly w/o spring - $20
Used – KJW/Tanaka m700 Bolt assembly w/o spring - $20
New – Laylax 6.03 VSR10 555mm Barrel (steel) $ 40
New – PDI 6.01 VSR10 430mm Barrel (steel) - $110
New – PDI 6.01 VSR10 430mm Barrel (steel) - $110
New – PDI 6.01 VSR10 554mm Barrel (steel) - $150
New – Firefly VSR10 Hard bucking (prong type) -$20
New – Nineball VSR10 bucking (nub type) - $18
New – Nineball VSR10 bucking (nub type) - $18
Like new – Leapers 3-9x44 Illuminated Mil Dot w/ Rings and 2.5in sunshade -$50
New – Polarstar VSR10 pro sniper muzzle cap -$18
New – Polarstar VSR10 pro sniper 14mm ccw suppressor adapter - $18
Used- Safariland 6280 for Glock 22/17/19/23 w/ DBT MOLLE adapter - $50
New – Accushot CNC 1in low scope rings - $10
New – Accushot CNC 1in low scope rings - $10
New – Accushot CNC 1in med scope rings - $10
New – Accushot CNC 30mm low scope rings - $10
New – Accushot CNC 30mm med scope rings - $10
New – Accushot CNC 30mm high scope rings - $10
New - King Arms 335x40mm Light weight *mock* suppressor - $30
New - King Arms 290x40mm Light weight *mock* suppressor - $30
New - King Arms 245x40mm Light weight *mock* suppressor - $30
New - King Arms 200x40mm Light weight *mock* suppressor - $30
New - King Arms 200x40mm Light weight *mock* suppressor - $30
New - Golden ball .36 black -$15
New – Golden ball .40 Black - $15
New - Hatch SOG-f15 tan operator CQB gloves w/cuffs Size LARGE - $50
New- PDI 6.01 KSC USP .45 inner barrel $30
New - KM TN 6.04 KSC USP .45 Inner barrel -$30

You can call my business number @ 480 - 389 - 4831 between 7am and 7pm and text anytime. or email me @ info at azcustomworks dot com.

General Airsoft Discussion / Re: gas vs. spring
« on: February 25, 2010, 01:33:08 AM »
Quote from: "TheBoy988"
lol I'm not saying gas is bad! It's just not the best first time gun. I'm actually thinking about picking up an ARES DSR-1.

Atmospheric pressures change how the gun reacts. Making it inconsistent, thats bad for sniping.
Take it from someone who has invested close to what people have spent in a lifetime on airsoft into researching and making the perfect gas gun, stay away from the DSR-1. Yeah, it is a neat looking gun.. But it stops there. If you get any kind of gas gun, and you don't plan on running HPA or Co2.. Don't waste your time. I could post fifty pages of statistical data and information but the final line is, just get someone to either build you a good rig or take the 10-20hrs to do it yourself and fine tune it. For the price of the ARES DSR-1, you could have a nice custom setup with air or co2 setup that hits out to 250+ft with little maintenance required. If you want some elaboration, shoot me a PM.

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