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AEG's / Re: How to build a high precision airsoft rifle
« on: August 09, 2013, 12:13:40 AM »
Bioshot v.s. Biovals??

AEG's / Re: inner barrel vs bb brand and diameter fiasco - HELP!
« on: August 02, 2013, 10:31:41 PM »
but the BB diameter is something to take into consideration when choosing an inner barrel (and vice versa) correct? because I've been hearing that you want at least a +.05 difference between your barrel and BB for accuracy right?

So anyhow I just finally went with 5000 Bioshot BB's (I couldn't seem to find any details on the diameter or (average diameter) on this BB) so If anyone has used these BB's before could you give me some advice on which barrel I would get the better long range accurate shots out of, using Bioshot's: my stock G&P 420mm or my Angel Custom 6.01 500mm?   

AEG's / Re: inner barrel vs bb brand and diameter fiasco - HELP!
« on: August 02, 2013, 05:24:22 PM »
You seem obsessed with the idea of using a "tightbore". Stop.

The most accurate barrels in the world are between 6.05mm and 6.10mm

Bioval, or BBBastard are the only two brands I can recommend for utmost precision and accuracy.

Tuning your hopup with a r-hop or equivalent is probably the most important, and as yet unmentioned accuracy upgrade.

Also, longer than 450mm hurts accuracy. Don't buy one longer than that. Stay in the range of 300-450 and you'll be fine.

Also, fix all your air leaks.

In fact, check out my old post here:

well actually I'm not at all obsessed with using tight bores like you somehow think I am (this is why I took the 6.01 out of my gun and put a stock G&P 420mm and did a flat Hop mod before I ever started this thread) infact I was totaly against 6.01's untill Xavier Mace said the PDI 6.01 paired with the SGM bb's was his best advice for longer range accuracy (which surprised me because !LIKE YOU! I thought that 6.01's are kind of a bad idea.) But what I'm learning is that I simply haven't tested enough types and brands of ammo in EITHER of my barrels to make a legitimate conclusion.... So that's why (since i'm on a budget) in my last post I asked which type of ammo with which of my two inner barrels would give me a better accuracy result for longer range shots..       

AEG's / Re: inner barrel vs bb brand and diameter fiasco - HELP!
« on: August 02, 2013, 03:24:44 PM »
Awesome.. I am not necessarily a sniper more of an assaulter by this I mean I'm currently running a G&P M4 with a 20'' outer barrel fitted with a 4x ACOG and offset iron sights and my play style is semi auto only so I'm definitely looking for the longest range accurate grouping as possible at at least 250'. and all the advice is really helping however I cant afford a PDI 6.01 right now.. So here's my only two options: A stock G&P 420mm inner and a Angel Custom 500(ish)mm 6.01 and I am able to buy the best of bbs any price range.

So knowing that: what type of BB (ANY BRAND) should I use with either one of my two inner barrels ^ to give me the best longer range accuracy and consistency?? (until I can get the PDI-SGM setup XM mentioned)       

AEG's / Re: inner barrel vs bb brand and diameter fiasco - HELP!
« on: August 02, 2013, 11:01:04 AM »
Well I'm glad that no one is bashing Biovals here so far (I personally don't see why anyone doesn't like them any way) and I know that the main reason people don't like Biovals is because they can break a mason Jar OMG! haha well I'd like to mention that just last week while I was dialing my new flat hop mod I accidentally shot and broke a mason jar using Golden Ball .30g white BB's so I guess if people don't go around shooting glass then there's no issue because all airsoft BB's have the potential to break glass... But anyway I am trying to get away from 6.01 inners because I'm looking for accuracy and consistency out to 300' I want to try a Prometheus or PDI 6.03 when I can afford it, But for now the only alternative is my G&P stock inner barrel (which I've heard good things about) But the only reason I would consider running my 6.01 is because Biovals are listed as 5.92mm (and probably vary +.01-.01mm) which is smaller than most other brands (as far as I know) and in theory means that in Biovals case would mean that the 6.01 may be as wide as you would want to go (in my own theory, which may be totally wrong haha).. and If I run these supposedly 5.92mm BB's in my stock 6.05-6.08mm inner barrel then to much air would escape? Because my G&P inner with the Biovals would be an average difference of 0.13mm? But Biovals matched with my Angel Custom 6.01mm would have a difference of 0.09mm so wouldn't that be better? Or should I go with a different BB all together?     

AEG's / Re: inner barrel vs bb brand and diameter fiasco - HELP!
« on: August 01, 2013, 06:56:46 PM »
Ok I was thinking of getting Bioval .30g but airsoft atlanta advertises them as 5.92mm so theoretically I would need a 5.98mm inner barrel? haha ....but realistically would a 5.92mm bb work alright in a Angel custom 6.01mm? And also what is the best alternative BB to Biovals that can deliver the same performance since apparently people get all psychotic over Biovals.. I would love to run Biovals though because I hear they are the most accurate BB on the market. and are there any AZ fields or arena's that have banned Bioval?

AEG's / Re: inner barrel vs bb brand and diameter fiasco - HELP!
« on: August 01, 2013, 05:44:47 PM »
Ok but why do you say no? really.. I read that the only reason airsoft BB's ever started getting smaller was because inner barrels started getting smaller.. In my way of thinking why should the BB diameter have ever had to change just cuz someone wanted to start experimenting with different diameter inner barrels? The 6mm BB base line should have never changed so that intermediate players trying to sharpen their airsmithing skills don't have to think so damn hard about what freakin diameter BB to pair with the already complicated inner barrel selection process.. So correct me if I'm wrong but if airsoft is most commonly advertised as 6mm then is that not exactly what it should be?? (in terms of BB's) but thanks for any feedback because I'm still learning.     

AEG's / inner barrel vs bb brand and diameter fiasco - HELP!
« on: August 01, 2013, 12:29:34 AM »
Hey all. I have been doing some research to find the right BB (in terms of exact diameter) to run through my G&P (flat hopped) 420 mm(ish) inner barrel (guns shooting 400fps-ish with .20's btw) and I found only some helpful advice on other forums (but not enough to make a good decision). First thing is I'm looking for a good brand of Bio BB's. Second thing is that i'm trying to run .28g to .30g weight bbs. So the one thing I do know is that stock G&P inner barrels are 6.05mm to 6.08mm which is good for grouping but not so good for fps (but I rely on accuracy,consistency, and distance not fps, so its cool).. but my problem is that there's so many freak'n BB diameters that could change my results so I can't decide which bbs will best suit my inner barrel (which kills me because all airsoft bbs should be 6.00mm to start with, not 5.98 or 5.95, so that we can build inner barrels around the bb.. the diameter of airsoft bbs should have never changed) any way If anyone has used a G&P stock inner barrel or any comparable high quality 6.05-6.08's and understands all the gray matter science of airsoft accuracy please tell me which brand and more importantly: diameter bb has shown the best accuracy for you. thanks..

hey every1 I'm looking for a Version 3 Generation 3  Fusion engine to drop into my LCT NV TK-104 (AK-104) build. I have had pretty much nothing but M4's and am getting tired of them to be honest. I am putting my prized M4/SR-25 hybrid build on the table to trade for for a V3 GEN3 P* (or its cash value) this is a $900.00 gun although I payed more than that in shipping.. I know what my rifle is worth and I know what a (brand new) v3 gen3 fusion engine is worth with top of the line 4500psi tank and air rig. so I know that my rifle is a very fair trade for a P* and tank and rig. but if anyone wants to pay cash for the gun please don't try to widdle my price down from $850.00. the only two ways I'll part with this gun is for $850.00 or a virtually new PolarStar V3 GEN3 fusion engine.

heres a list of whats on/in the rifle and what I payed for it (not counting shipping):

G&P complete (rear wired) M4 full metal receiver/gearbox: $160
Magpul PTS motor grip: $30.00
Magpul PTS trigger guard: $13.00
G&P 30mm QD M-1 scope mount: $50.00
G&P M-1 3.5-10X40 red illuminated Scope: $90.00
A&K SR-25 style outer bull barrel with QD silencer: $115.00
G&P K.A.C. URXii 11.5" freefloat R.A.S.: $135.00
G&P Marine (fixed) battery stock: $100.00
Scar type (gripod) Vertical Grip: $18.00
Element AN/PEQ 16a Light box (not battery box): $48.00
A&K SR-25 metal hop up chamber: $15.00
Angel Custom 630mm 6.01mm tight bore inner barrel: $50.00
Angel Custom H-nub: $8.00
Elite Force 140rd Midcaps (box of 10): $63.00
A&K 360rd Polymer (waffle) Hi-Cap mag: $12.00
GDT (real steel) 45 degree offset front and rear sights: $25.00

pictures of the gun in all its glory:

Local Games Listing/RSVP / Re: Operation: Olympus Inferno commences!
« on: July 14, 2013, 02:01:58 PM »
Although I live in Hereford and the field is a lot closer for us Cochise county airsofter's, the field is so cool... (and green) (it looks more like Jurassic Park than AZ) ...that I would honestly make the trip from Tucson or Phoenix to play a good OP on this field (If I had the gas money of course). If More ppl saw it I would be willing to bet 100 bux that most would consider this field to be one of the best MILSIM locations in AZ. It's my favorite field so far.. (It's Woodland / Swamp-ish / (almost a Jungle In some parts) / grassland). that's the only way I can describe it other than Its awesome!       

Hey my names Matt D from S.V. I've been playing airsoft and shooting real steel for about 8-9 years now (mostly airsoft since the price of ammo is getting RIGGED!). I'm a member (Charlie-1 squad leader) of the new Team Knight Watch Milsim group in Sierra Vista. I also play guitar, play video games, love classic cars and trucks (loved my flat black 78 F-150 302), go hiking camping on a semi regular basis and chill with my girl friend majority of the time to keep from going insane. followed a link to this site on

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