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Christmas Sale

15% OFF for Element products!
12% OFF for other products!

Conditions and Terms:

1. 15% off for Element products and 12% off for other products.

2. Valid date: 2012.11.14 - 2012.12.25 (GMT-4)

3. All items in our store are on sale, coupons can not be used.

Cheers! :D

Airsoft Equipment Specials / 15% OFF for ALL Element Products!
« on: November 06, 2012, 02:23:01 AM »

Conditions and Terms:

1. 15% OFF for ALL Element products.

2. Valid date: 2012.11.06 - 2012.12.25 (GMT-4)

3. All coupons can not apply to on-sale products.

4. Like us on facebook, share your friends this good news! ^_^


Every Monday and Thursday we have a series items on sale with big discount. We will post here in this thread instantly.

The sales will be valid form the news posted.

Welcome you have a look every day~

Airsoft Equipment Specials / UP TO 30% OFF! Winter Collection SALE!
« on: October 24, 2012, 01:38:22 AM »

Conditions and Terms:

1. UP TO 30% OFF.

2. Valid date: 2012.10.23 0:00 AM- 2012.11.04 24:00 PM (GMT-4).

3. Coupons can not be applied to items on sale.


8% discount for all members of airsoftarizona!

Coupon Code: airsoftarizona

Terms of Use:

* 8% OFF.
* This coupon code is not valid for products with special prices.
* The expiration date is November 30th, 2012


Every day we had 4~8 items on sale with 15% ~ 50% discount. We will post here every day except weekend.

The deals will be valid form GMT-4:00(Within 24hours).

Welcome you have a look every day~

Introduce Yourself! / Presentation of AirsoftPark
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:59:24 PM »

Hello there,

Thanks to Admin for allowing us to enter this great community.

It's We are combat gears/ AEG parts/AEG accessories online store from mainland China.

In last 4 years, we have been focused on providing good quality gears and best service for airsoft players worldwide, now we've been growing strong ,mature and well-known among players from 40 countries.

It's support from airsoft players make us grow rapidly. To thank every valued customer and players worldwide, we'll always keep our prices as cheaper as possible & keep all our products FREE shipping worldwide.

We are hoping to get support from members in the forum and will do good work to deserve that ! Thank you!


AirsoftPark 4 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Conditions and Terms:

1. All Products 15% OFF.

2. Valid date: 2012.09.19 00:00 AM- 2012.09.19 24:00 PM (GMT-4).

3. All coupons can not be used during promotion.

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