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Airsoft Items FOR SALE / Post Moving sale
« on: January 02, 2016, 08:44:15 PM »
I would prefer not to part out the lots unless absolutely necessary as I simply need it to go.  I'm pretty firm on the prices for the "rarer" items, but everything else, make a reasonable offer.  I can provide pictures if needed next week, you must pickup at my place in Phoenix and I'm only available on Saturday's and Sunday's (all day).  Everything works unless otherwise noted but most of it has been sitting unused for 5-10 years so expect them to need some TLC.  If you want to test them, you are welcome to as long as you bring whatever you need to test them.  Most of my stuff is in storage.  Cash only, no reasonable offer refused.

Rarer items:
Tanaka M700 lot: $500
Primary gun is a completely built Tanaka, only thing it needs is to be tapped for HPA (It does function properly as is).  Preban Tanaka bolt, G&G Heavy Barrel Kit, PDI 6.01mm barrel (IIRC), Action Army AAC 21 chassis, bipod, scope, Tanaka long mag (plus the long mag from the kit), and a box of Maruzen SGM BB's.  In addition to that, I'm including all my related M700 compatible parts which includes a G&G G96 parts gun, a KJW M700 takedown parts gun, a handful of Tanaka and KJW outer barrels, a RS Hogue stock that's been modified to take Tanaka guts (still needs a little more work), and whatever other parts I can dig up.  A quick look says there should be at least enough parts for one more complete Tanaka, plus some new G&G knock arms, an opened G&G Rubber set, and two P* Striker springs.

ICS M16 DMR: $280
As many of you are aware I've always had a thing for ICS M4's.  Some would call me an expert on them.  I would call this my masterpiece and I can say with near 100% certainty that you will never find another one like it.  Externally, it's got a two tone FDE/Black paint job, PSG-1 style grip, an Element PRS that's been modified to work on an ICS and hold a LiPo battery, 16" JBU RAS, 18" Madbull outer barrel, ICS railed gas block, rail mounted bipod, G&P KAC scope mount.  Internally is where it gets really interesting.  Gearbox shell has been custom machined to use 8mm bushings.  To the best of my knowledge nobody else has done this.  Bushings are Kanzen ceramics.  Guarder ITU gearset, AMP T5000L motor, PDI 6.01 barrel, wired to rear with G&P Dean's style connectors.  Not sure what spring is in it right now, it's shooting 480fps.  Want to say a Guarder SP130.  Previously had a MAG MS210 spring chrono'd around 720fps until the spring failed.  Suffice to say it's setup for torque and will pull over anything you put in it.  Includes Pelican case, Magpul RVG, some rail covers (don't recall the brand), and a bunch of VN style green label PMag's with ranger plates.

Kokusai M16A2: $100
Worked fine last time I fired it about 8 years ago.  Includes 5 mags which have some light surface rust.  If you have to ask what this is, you probably don't want it and I don't have a rig to test it with.

Other stuff, make offers:
Box 'O ICS parts: $60SOLD[/color]
First come, first serve.  There's half a dozen or so metal lower receivers, a bunch of lower gearbox shells, a bunch of pistol grips, a handful of retractable stocks, one folding stock, a bunch of barrels....  You get the picture.  As I find more parts, I'm tossing it in the box.  Should be able to at least make one gun out of it plus have more parts than any one person should have.  Please don't ask for more specifics or ask if you can pick out from the box.  Either take the whole box or leave it.

KWC Sigma .40 Package: $120
Two complete guns, both work last time they were used.  One all black, one two tone nickel/black.   Slide on the all black one needs some paint.  Two green gas mags, one needs a fill valve. 6+ Co2  long mags.

G&P Elcan: SOLD
Looks basically new.

EA Specter DR: $80 SOLD
Never used, might even be able to dig up the box.  Fixed 4x model.

Rico Alpha 9 (V1): $40
One of the mounting screw broke, seems stable enough with a single screw though.  No batteries.

Element zISM-V: $60
It's Chinese electronics.  When it decides to work, it works great.  50% of the time it works every time.  Needs new batteries at this point.


More to come as I keep digging.

General Off-Topic Discussion / Tortilla Flats - Round 3
« on: November 13, 2015, 04:30:44 AM »
It's been too long, looking to do another Tortilla Flats drive in mid-late December.  Anyone interested?

Airsoft Equipment Specials / Allied Surplus
« on: April 03, 2014, 10:44:33 AM »
Now has a location in Mesa (Broadway, between Stapley and Mesa Dr) if you weren't aware

Real Firearms / WTS Taurus PT145 Pro
« on: March 22, 2014, 12:26:06 AM »
Hoping for a quick sale on this.  Gun has had probably 150rds through it but has been sitting around unfired for probably a year.  Includes gun, 2x 10rd mags, Fobus ankle holster, and how ever much ammo I can find laying around for it, which should be about a box worth of Remington .45 HP.  I believe I still have original case, etc, as well and possibly a 3rd mag, but can't verify that until tomorrow.

Face to face only, Tempe/Mesa area, must have AZ drivers license and sign bill of sale.


Site Suggestions / READ THIS THREAD
« on: February 19, 2014, 07:03:12 PM »
Based on the messages I've received, apparently nobody read this thread:


« on: January 11, 2014, 11:39:21 AM »
I will be adding Hotmail to the block list in two weeks.  If you are currently registered using a Hotmail address, you will need to update it to something else.  Gmail, Cox, whatever.  You can do this by going to "Profile" then "Account Settings" using the navigation bar at the top of the forum.

Thank you.

« on: January 09, 2014, 11:59:14 AM »
Gmail was inadvertently added to the ban list.  This has been corrected now, so if you were trying to log in with an account linked to a Gmail address and got a message saying you were banned as a spam bot go a head and try to log in again.

Site Suggestions / Spambots/0 Post count users
« on: December 10, 2013, 11:34:01 AM »
FYI, I am deleting 0 post count accounts en mass to try to curb the current rash of spambots.  As I'm deleting the accounts 50 at a time (which is still taking forever) there's a chance a few legit accounts may be collateral damage and get deleted in error.  If you have an account with 5 posts or less and can no longer log in, you may unfortunately need to recreate your account.

In regards to the spam post themselves, there's no reason to respond to it, that just makes it harder for me to find.  Please just report the post and leave it be.


General Airsoft Discussion / Changing times...
« on: October 09, 2013, 12:40:54 PM »
I thought this would be interesting for some people to see, mostly the changing costs of airsoft.  How long have you been playing, what did you start with, and how much have you spent over the years?

Years Playing:  11
First Gun: Tokyo Marui G3 SAS
Total Spent: $19,000-ish

General Off-Topic Discussion / IT Training/Assistance
« on: October 08, 2013, 09:50:55 PM »
Basically, I'm looking to make a little extra cash on weekends and several people have suggested I do this.  I'm a Systems Administrator for a Fortune 500 company and have been in IT professionally for about 11 years now.  I by no means know everything, but I've done a little bit of just about everything.  Anything from help building/repairing your home PC to setting up a server, I can probably help you with it.  Or do it for you if that's what you are looking for.  I've been managing Windows servers for 6 years now, everything from domain controllers in the corporate environment to game servers at home.

I've got a VMware ESX Cluster with iSCSI storage and spare workstations setup at my house so you don't even need your own hardware.

If that was so vague you think you might be interested, shoot me a PM.

Pictures/more details available upon request.  Not looking to part out the Lego's, it's all or nothing.

It's about  5x 30 gallon totes worth of Legos (95% Legos, 5% other brands).  Mostly 80's and 90's era.  65% (or so) Pirates/Castle, 25% Technic, 10% other.  Manuals included for most of the larger sets (IE Technic 8880 and 8448 Supercars).  Majority of the parts should be there, but I cannot make any guarantee.  I am 100% aware of the current market prices for the Technic sets of that era, so please don't lowball me.  I do not have a vehicle capable of transporting this quantity of Lego's so either you will have to pick up or we will have to make alternate arrangements.

1/64th Scale Cars:
Should be around 1,600 cars (I have to get an exact count).  Probably 80% Hot Wheels, but some Matchbox, Ertl, Johnny Lighting, Racing Champs, etc as well.  Majority are in cases in good to very good condition, should be about 200 still in boxes.  Mostly late 90's stuff.

Cash offers only, only exception would be a complete P* setup.

General Off-Topic Discussion / Calling all car guys...
« on: August 26, 2013, 01:43:53 PM »
Did a Tortilla Flat's run with some guys over the weekened.  We are planning another one once it cools down a bit.  Had 8 cars for the last one, looking to be over a dozen for the next one.  Anyone on here interested?

Airsoft Items WANTED / KJW M700 Takedown
« on: July 24, 2013, 10:44:56 AM »
Looking for a functional M700 Takedown.  Don't care if it has the stock mag.  Long mags would be worth more to me.  Only looking to trade for it.  PM me if you've got one you are looking to get rid of.

General Airsoft Discussion / Tech Feedback
« on: July 23, 2013, 05:12:21 PM »
I've created a new topic in the Dealer\Tech section for tech feedback.  Rather than creating a new topic regarding your experience, please follow the steps in this thread:

Dealers/Techs / Local Tech Feedback
« on: July 23, 2013, 04:33:25 PM »
The goal:  To create a list of everybody offering tech services here in AZ and the overall feedback on there work.

Techs:  If you are offering tech work to people, shoot me a PM and I'll add you to the list.  Include a basic run down of the services you offer.  IE "Basic Tech work", "Polarstars", "Painting", etc.

Users:  If you had tech work done, PM me the tech's screen name and a simple +1 for positive/would recommend, -1 for negative/avoid, 0 for neutral.  This will not be retroactive, meaning don't try to send feedback for all the work they may have done in the past.  Last week is fine.  Last year, no.  Some people have been doing it far too long to get an accurate response.  Simply send me a PM with the screen name, your rating.  I do not want/need a long story of what they did or did not do.  Going forward, send me a new feedback any time a tech does work for you.  You can include actual shops as well, with the same guidelines.

Format:  Username - Total Score (Positive/Neutral/Negative)

West Valley

  Pride : -1 (0/0/1)
  Basic AEG services, Advanced AEG services

  Sigma85051 : 0 (1/0/1)
  Basic AEG services, Basic GBB services, Advanced GBB services, Painting

  Spazz : 4 (4/0/0)
  Basic AEG services, Basic GBB services, Custom Builds, Lessons, Dealer

  svataz : 0 (0/0/0)
  Basic AEG services, Basic Sniper Rifle services

  Spaceman : 0 (0/0/0)
  Basic AEG services, Advanced AEG services, Basic GBB services, Basic Sniper Rifle services, and Custom Builds

Central Valley

East Valley

  nukeduster : 2 (2/0/0)
  Basic AEG services, Advanced AEG services, Basic GBB services,  Advanced GBB services, Polarstar services, Powdercoating, Duracoating, Manufacturing, Custom Mosfets


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