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Airsoft Items FOR SALE / Krytac alpha crb plus more!!!!
« Last post by CMan53 on July 19, 2020, 08:19:04 AM »
Brand new never fielded
Pts motor grip
Mft stock
Utg magnifier
Angel custom hive suppressor
Somo gear peq15 (green laser/real IR)
Fortis shift foregrip
Carbon fiber bipod

10x elite force mid caps

3x 6mm pro shop mid caps with mag puls

Semapo gear mmac  I did take the half insert out cause of my double stack mags but I still have it

2stack triple m4
2stack double m4
Stocked ifak
Modular assault pack 2 point od sling
Lbx admin
Lbx double smoke grenade
Boa fang uv5r+

Thin battle belt with tru spec cobra belt
Kanagroo triple m4 and pistol mag pouch
Stocked medkit
Crye gunclip

Text me for pictures 4808254778
Airsoft Items FOR SALE / Ares/Magpul PTS Masada & custom CA AG36 for Sale
« Last post by Asmodi on June 27, 2020, 04:22:57 PM »
Greetings all,

Have finally realized I will most likely never be taking the field again and so the time has come to liquidate.  All offers will be considered.

Ares Magpul PTS Masada:  valued around $400  [SOLD]
  - One of the rare few Magpul licensed  Masada Training Simulators here.  Features include full Magpul furniture and trademarks, upgraded hop-up to accommodate a JBU extended length, tight-bore barrel with a false Gemtech Halo suppressor to hide the extended barrel.  For those unfamiliar, this was one of the first designs to incorporate a quick change spring system allowing you to change your spring with just a hex wrench, without disassembling the entire gun; even has a spare spring tube in the folding stock.  Gun includes a 400 fps spring and a 300 fps CQB spring.  Currently has a Deans battery connector.

Classic Army G36 w/ STAR (Ares) Launcher:  valued around $350 [SOLD]
  - Another discontinued, hard to find platform here, Classic Army G36 bodies are made of the much more durable Polymer plastic rather than ABS.  Beyond the body, just about everything else on this gun has been upgraded:  besides the foregrip launcher, replaced the carry handle and useless built-in 1x optic with a flat top rail w/ iron sights.  Also had the gearbox professionally rebuilt using a Systema Hurricane internals kit.  The cylinder was a bit of a tight fit though and so the hop-up adjustment knob cannot be accessed normally anymore, but is tuned to shoot 400 fps w/ 2.0s at a high rate and will never break or seize, even with the high torque motor.  Since the handguard was replaced, had to move the battery to a extendable folding stock.  Gun includes seven (7) Classic army low cap mags and the original CA high-cap mag it came with and currently has a Deans battery connector.

Feel free to text me at 480-577-3402 if interested and I can send pics.  Can meet anywhere in Phoenix metro area but am located on East side.
Airsoft Items FOR SALE / ICS L86, TM M870, Echo 1 M249
« Last post by MatDat on June 10, 2020, 11:08:43 PM »
Hello everyone!

I am just looking to downsize my collection as I haven't be out a field for a long while.

I have three airsoft guns for sale all and I am willing to negotiate prices on.

ICS L86 $300
- Mostly a stock L86 apart from the daniel defence ris, prometheus tab, and prometheus purple bucking. It has been wired to deans and I've primarily used 11.1 lipo batteries via the external peq.

Echo 1 M249 $240
- Don't actually recall the internal modifications I made to this, but I fiddling around with a few things here and there so I'll keep its price lower my loss your gain ect.

TM M870 $280
- I've converted this green gas shotgun to a HPA because I got tired of gas running out mid match, it has an angry gun gas stock with magpul furniture, reinforced transfer bar, WII tech tri full length extended inner barrels, and a G&P integrated flash light pump.

Imgur link :

If your interested in any of these airsoft guns, please text 480-437-4041
3 guns in total for sale with extra magazines, accessories, BBs, protective mask, and batteries. Sold all together preferably.


M4 Replica Airsoft gun. Full metal gearbox, 10.8 battery, battery storage comparment, accessory rails, barrel extension suppressor (replica), shortened barrel accessory, 4 high cap mags, 1 3000 BB drum, foregrip/bi pod, adjustable stock

AK47 Replica Airsoft gun. 1 500 BB high cap mag, 9.6 battery and 8.4 battery, full metal gearbox.

S&W M3000 Replica Airsoft shotgun. 2 low cap 10 BB mag. 1 300 BB high cap mag.
Airsoft Items FOR SALE / FOR SALE: ECHO 1 M249 SAW: Machoness Guaranteed!
« Last post by BadAsh on May 04, 2020, 01:16:56 AM »
Ok, the macho thing was goofy, but you can’t help but feel powerful carrying this beast!  This is one Bad Airsoft gun. It looks like the real thing. Shoots hard and fast. My kids have outgrown airsoft and I’m too fat to run with this beast, but it instilled fear in the enemy just by seeing it on the field!  This thing carries 2500 rounds and will clear out anyone!  It is hard to find one and when I last used it 2 years ago it was great. My wife wants it gone. New is $400. I’ll sell for $280.   This includes the real but disarmed bullets that look BA hanging out of the gun, comfy sling and flash hider (all would cost over $100). Come get it and get some!

Text me at 602-738-8804 for pics!
« Last post by Jmarion8 on April 04, 2020, 12:42:02 PM »
Looking to sell my pts Masada with shs 13:1 gear set. Gearbox needs to be shimmed but otherwise is stock. Haven't used and collecting dust. Comes with 3 AKM pmags. Wired to deans.  Looking for $300 obo contact me at 520-582-7842 for pics
Airsoft Items FOR SALE / selling guns and accessories
« Last post by Dwillson on March 12, 2020, 09:18:54 AM »
Selling the following items
1. Krytac Kriss Vector with 6 mags $400 obo
2. KWA Ronin PDW with 4 KWA mags $350 obo
3. G36 blowback HK with 7 mags $400 obo
4. 6 Magpull mags for m4 $100
5. Tactical vests (Snake Skin, Desert Tan & Military Green) $200 obo
6. Bunch of accessories

If interested please text 480-907-4143 for pictures
Introduce Yourself! / Re: New Guys, Please Read! Make your first posts here!!
« Last post by Corn on March 08, 2020, 03:22:00 PM »
Hello All!
I am Corn, not: Corn dog, Corn Chowder, Corn Meal, Corny, Corn Hole, Korn or Corn-Row-Na Virus. Just Corn. Birth name is Kevin Cornwell...sooo.
I will be 49 this August. I work for a tech company that has a fruit logo. I live in Chandler, USA and I am married to a Ginger and we have  an 18yG and a 13yB.
I dabbled in paintball for several years and it faded out. I have just started gathering up my “zombie kit”... (Sniper rifle, Suppressed pistol, Full auto M4 and shotgun...”Airsoft style”).
I have played a few games the wild Wild West, and I’ve spent a considerable amount of money at VIP.
I look forward to meeting, having conversations with and taking shots at my friends in Arizona that participate in Airsoft. My other hobbies include drumming and skateboarding.
Eu preciso dessa peça. Como faço para comprar de você?
Airsoft Items FOR SALE / ARES L1A1
« Last post by all_luck_no_skill on December 15, 2019, 12:32:10 PM »

Licensed Ares L1A1
AIM Sports FN FAL scope mount
Ares metal flash hider
x2 Ares L1A1 metal 120 rd mid-cap magazine
Rhodesian FAL Chest Rig
Will include an axeon red dot sight if buying together
Bundle worth $700, asking $400
Willing to trade for GBB rifles, TM gas shotgun, etc

Text 5205494401 for more information
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