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« Last post by Jmarion8 on Yesterday at 12:42:02 PM »
Looking to sell my pts Masada with shs 13:1 gear set. Gearbox needs to be shimmed but otherwise is stock. Haven't used and collecting dust. Comes with 3 AKM pmags. Wired to deans.  Looking for $300 obo contact me at 520-582-7842 for pics
Airsoft Items FOR SALE / selling guns and accessories
« Last post by Dwillson on March 12, 2020, 09:18:54 AM »
Selling the following items
1. Krytac Kriss Vector with 6 mags $400 obo
2. KWA Ronin PDW with 4 KWA mags $350 obo
3. G36 blowback HK with 7 mags $400 obo
4. 6 Magpull mags for m4 $100
5. Tactical vests (Snake Skin, Desert Tan & Military Green) $200 obo
6. Bunch of accessories

If interested please text 480-907-4143 for pictures
Introduce Yourself! / Re: New Guys, Please Read! Make your first posts here!!
« Last post by Corn on March 08, 2020, 03:22:00 PM »
Hello All!
I am Corn, not: Corn dog, Corn Chowder, Corn Meal, Corny, Corn Hole, Korn or Corn-Row-Na Virus. Just Corn. Birth name is Kevin Cornwell...sooo.
I will be 49 this August. I work for a tech company that has a fruit logo. I live in Chandler, USA and I am married to a Ginger and we have  an 18yG and a 13yB.
I dabbled in paintball for several years and it faded out. I have just started gathering up my “zombie kit”... (Sniper rifle, Suppressed pistol, Full auto M4 and shotgun...”Airsoft style”).
I have played a few games the wild Wild West, and I’ve spent a considerable amount of money at VIP.
I look forward to meeting, having conversations with and taking shots at my friends in Arizona that participate in Airsoft. My other hobbies include drumming and skateboarding.
Eu preciso dessa peça. Como faço para comprar de você?
Airsoft Items FOR SALE / Airsoft electric metal mp5
« Last post by all_luck_no_skill on December 15, 2019, 12:32:10 PM »

Airsoft electric metal mp5
Selling $150
Willing to trade for ppsh, m3 grease gun, jagarms scattergun

Text 5205494401 for more information. Don't be afraid to reach out
General Airsoft Game Discussion / Dreadnought CQB Phoenix
« Last post by Coot83 on December 05, 2019, 08:49:26 PM »
Hey guys,

Since I didn't want to necro the other CQB thread, figured I would ask here and see if anyone has been to dreadnought over off of Bell Rd and the 17 in Phoenix?  It looks like it has a lot of potential and options going for it.  I moved to Scottsdale last year and was wondering if there are any active groups who play together around the Phoenix area?  Its getting old trying to find folks randomly playing at a field and would be cool to get something rolling with some regular guys. 

I can play indoor or outdoor, but love the fast pace of CQB. 
Introduce Yourself! / FNG - Scottsdale
« Last post by Coot83 on December 05, 2019, 08:39:05 PM »
Wassup tired of hoping to find the crowds on random nights so Casey from VIP sent me here.  Hoping to find some fellow players to game with.  I have been playing airsoft on and off for 15 years, started out in Virginia.  I can play either outdoors or indoors although I prefer CQB for the aggressive element of it.

Got some decent loadouts:
G&G MP5A3, G&G MP5SD6, G36, Evike Aliens pulse rifle (one for indoor and one for outdoor), Echo 1 M249 SAW, VFC 416, Tokyo Marui SRG-12 Auto shotty, G&P M14.
Have like 10 WE and Tokyo Marui samurai edge GBB berettas (I know I got a problem).  Tokyo Marui RE2 lightning hawk Deagle with boss red dot.
Airsoft Items WANTED / WTB Polarstar
« Last post by skaterwayne75 on November 15, 2019, 02:27:18 PM »
Looking to buy a Polarstar and tank setup
Hit my line 623-224-1410
Airsoft Items FOR SALE / Selling/Trading KWA LM4C in rough shape
« Last post by seangares on September 24, 2019, 10:39:03 PM »
Hey guys, haven't played in years and would love to see this gun go to a milsim player or a better home than being abused in my storage unit with all my 240sx parts.

EDIT: Shoot me a price. Pretty open to offers just be fair, remember a FDE DD RIS ii is $450 to buy brand new. based in AZ if you want to meet up i can discount price a bit for no shipping and i can come to you within reason. I would perfer to meet at VIP airsoft if we do meet up though for security sake.

THE ISSUE: Gun has a broken plastic piece in the bolt. Not sure what the part number is but VIP techs said they could do it for under $50 including labour i just don't play enough to justify it and i was young and broke when i got this thing and did not understand the cost and time of maintaining a high class GBBR like the LM4.

The Gun:


Longer Length (Carbine i think) barrel put on.

3 Mags with bad O rings

REAPS GEN1 Bucking with a (partially) borked hop up unit

Real Steel Daniel Defense FDE RIS ii 12.5 inch i think (Can send pics of cage code and such)

Real Steel PTS MOE grip and CTR stock.

Real steel Rainer Arms Raptor Ambi charging handle

Other shit:

Some EAGLE plate carrier with pull dump for medical. full pouches included.

1997 BMW m3 (LOL) clean title

1993 SR20DET SIL80 240sx PROAM caged harnessed, clean title
480-540-2460. Please don't waste my time and i won't waste yours :)

General Airsoft Discussion / Airsoft guns and equipment
« Last post by Holman794 on August 10, 2019, 12:05:59 PM »
Looking to see where you can go to sell airsoft equipment. My son has stopped playing have a replica metal Ak 47
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