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Operation Midnight Madness ***CANCELLED***

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Team FE and TAC would like to invite you all out to a night game on the 19th of August.  This will be held at the Sudden Impact Paintball field in Tucson.  Age limit is 16.  Sudden Impact's field fee will apply.  We will start meeting at 1800 hours.  Game will start at 1930.  Minimum game time is slated for four hours, possibly more.

  SITREP:  The sherrif's department in a small town in Northern Massachusetts called in a frantic report about being overrun by a gang of some kind, but it was highly garbled and prematurely cut off.  Since then, the town has gone completely offline.  The Boston FBI, in conjunction with the national guard, has been tasked with investigating the issue.  The goal of the FBI is to determine what's going on and quell the disturbances in town.

  Umbrella Corporation has a reasearch building near the town that has also lost communication.  Umbrella will send in thier own team of covert specialists to assess trhe situation and determine threat to the company.


  The game will have four groups; the FBI, the National Guard, Umbrella Corporation Covert Squad and the Gang.  Each group has it's own specific objectives to attain.

  The following dress code applies;
FBI - Slacks, shirt and suit coat.  We should be able to shoot you and bury you in the same suit.  ;)
National Guard - Standard Woodland or closest thereof.
Gang - You get it easy.  Civillian clothes.
Umbrella - A set of BDU's that isn't woodland or close to it.

  If you're interested, just let me know what team you want to be on.  When you register with me, please send me your best email address so that I can send you info on what you're role will be.  :)

Whats the age limit  :( ?


--- Quote from: "Fish" ---Whats the age limit  :( ?
--- End quote ---

The age limit is 16.  Sorry for not putting that in there to begin with.  :(

Do we have a start time? You already can guess the team I'm on :)

Umbrella Covert Specialist por favor.

I have pm'ed you my email address.


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