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Operation Blood Money Aug 6 & 20 SWPB (9 am - 2pm)

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Marauders Airsoft:
Operation Blood Money is a scenario game at Southwest Paintball where the missions are based upon the current drug cartel war that is taking place in Mexico in cities such as Acapulco and Nuevo Laredo.

The famed international resort city of Acapulco, on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico has become a battleground in the past few months as rival drug cartels and gangs wage a turf war over the control of the illegal drug trade and smuggling routes into the United States for South American Cocaine.

The two most powerful cartels in the area are the Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels.

The leader of the Sinaloa cartel is an assassin named Joaquin “El Chapoâ€￾ Guzman.  He runs a group of hit men known as “Los Pelonesâ€￾

The leader of the Gulf Cartel Osiel Cardenas, who is currently jailed, has a group of military trained assassins know as “Los Zetasâ€￾.  The Zetas original members had been Special Forces Airborne Soldiers.  The existing members had received training from the original mercenaries.

In January of 2006, a furious gun battle occurred in the outskirts of Acapulco known as La Garita, between 60 police officers and members of the Sinaloa cartel.  Since then police, military, and members of the Special Anti Drug Operations unit have been deployed to Acapulco to stem the violence.

Our story begins here…

During the first game of Operation Blood Money, participants will be divided into three different organizations.  Here are the uniform requirements for each team:

Woodland/Green – Fuerzas Armadas de Mexico -Mexican Military
Civilian Clothing – Sinaloa Cartels
Desert/Tan – Federal Special Anti Drug Operations
Remember all players need SEALED EYE PROTECTION - no exceptions will be made.

We are still in need of volunteers to play non-combatant roles.  These role players will play as civilians, VIPs, politicians, business owners and informants throughout the games.  Admission to volunteer role players is free!

Our Airsoft SWAP meet returns August 6.  Remember to bring any old gear or guns you may want to sell. The Marauders will sell your gear for you while you play.  

About Southwest Paintball
This is a great location for airsoft as it has seven fields featuring an old town, a castle, ship, and a giant field with towers and trenches. Minors are welcome to play at Southwest with a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  Take the opportunity to visit SoftAir Depot and get more information about the game.  There is a field fee of only $20 per player.  Visit for directions and pictures of the field.

There is a carpool ($5) available for the game on August 6.  The carpool will leave from SoftAir Depot at 7:00 am and return at 4:30 PM.  You must make a reservation by email or by calling and leaving a message at (602) 283-4184.

Marauders Airsoft:
Players interested in participating in the next scenario games can now begin registering for the event.  Send me a pm with your choice of uniform and weapon.

You may join the following forces -

Green/Woodland - Mexican Military Forces
Civilian Paramiltary (Contractor) - Gulf Cartel/Los Zetas
Civilian (non military) - Sinaloa Cartel/Los Pelones
Tan/Desert - Mexican Federal Anti Drug Forces

Don't forget to vote for your choice of the game titles in our poll.

I will come, Mexicano Militario Forceis.

I'm curious, a friend is getting urban camo, what team would he be put on?

Mexican Military Forces for me. See yall on the battlefield.


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