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Marauders Airsoft:
DATES: September 16 and 17

TIMES: Program begins 8:00 am Sept 16 and ends at 6 pm Sept 17th

LOCATION: Southwest Paintball Surprise, AZ
Visit for directions

RECRUITS: Marauders Airsoft Boot Camp is open to adults and minors who want to participate in a 34 hour tactical training and gaming adventure. The training program is limited to 16 recruits.

ADMISSION: $50 for recruits registered before Sept 1/ $75 after Sept. 1, 2006

Registration also includes admission into Operation Sand Storm on Sunday, Sept 17.

Marauders Airsoft is hosting a two-day (34 hour) airsoft tactical training event. The event is being sponsored by Phoenix International Security Group, Southwest Paintball, and SoftAir Depot. The event will feature instructors with real world military experience. Recruits who attend will have the opportunity to participate and learn about airsoft tactics and events that include:

Tactical Training Classes
• Uniform and Equipment Selection
• Marksmanship Exercises
• Team Formation and Movement

Team Challenges
• Tactical Obstacle Course
• Shooting Competitions
• Hostage Rescue Missions
• Night Attack and Defend Scenarios

Recommended Equipment
Military Uniform (Desert or Woodland)
Sealed Eye Protection
Airsoft weapons
Boots (no tennis shoes allowed)
Sleeping Bag/Tent
5 Gallons of Water
4 MRE's
Sun Screen
Personal First Aid Kit

(602) 283 - 4184

Do you need to go to the training to play in the actual scenario game?  And when exactly is the scenario game?

Doc Hollywood:
The training is not required to play in the scenario games, but it is required for everyone who is travelling to Operation Irene IV with the Marauders.

i want to go to the boot camp again, it was fun. sign me up.

Thank You.

Alright well if my team and I can get all the required gear we may come.  For sure we all want to go to the game September 17th.  What time does that game start and end?


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