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Operation Sand Storm at Southwest Paintball Sept. 16-17

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Marauders Airsoft:
Marauders Airsoft is holding our biggest event yet!  Op Sand Storm is a two day airsoft event held at Southwest Paintball.  Full Details at

Players can join the US Forces in a show down against the Iraqi Insurgency for control of Ramadi, Iraq.

Day 1 Saturday September 16 (10 am to 8 pm) -  Mission Training $20
Players may attend a 10 hour military training program designed to prepare them for airsoft combat in Operation Sand Storm on Sunday.  The training will feature:
·        Team Formations
·        Marksmanship
·        Ambush/Counter Ambush
·        Vehicle Ambush
·        Military Operations in Urban Terrain Training
·        Insurgent Tactics

Participants can camp out at the field and play night games in the town!  On Sunday, Operation Sand Storm begins.

Day 2 Sunday September 17 Operation Sand Storm 10 am – 6 pm $40
There are up to 100 spaces available for players to join the US Forces against a team of insurgent role players.  The insurgents will include Marauders Airsoft and a number of Air Force Explosive Ordinance Disposal (Bomb) technicians.  The game will also feature military vehicles courtesy of the Arizona Military Vehicle Collectors Club.  
Op Sand Storm will feature our first military VIP, Brigadier General (ret.) Richard Wilmot.  General Wilmot is a retired US Army Brigadier General and ended his career as the Commandant of the US Army Intelligence Center and School. He served the US Government as an employee of one of their intelligence organizations and was successful in engineering the covert procurement of twelve main battle tanks of the Soviet Army. This operation was instrumental in the early demise of the Iraqi ground forces during operation Desert Storm.  

Some of General Wilmot’s honors include: The Legion of Merit, Air Medal, Bronze Star with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Vietnamese Honor Medal, Department of the Army Staff Badge, Senior Parachute Badge, Army Ranger Tab.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the biggest game in AZ this year.  Remember that there are only 100 spaces available for the game.  Players are highly encouraged to attend the Training Mission on Saturday to prepare for the game on Sunday.  Players may attend the game for only $40.  Players attending Operation Sand Storm will receive an event shirt, patch, and raffle ticket for prizes.

Sponsors for the event include:  
SoftAir Depot
Depot 53
Southwest Paintball
Phoenix International Security Group

To register visit or stop by SoftAir Depot at6949 E. Shea Boulevard, Suite 50 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Player Safety and Game Rules will be posted to the Marauders website after Sept 1.

Are we allowed to use hi caps at either the boot camp or Op: Sand Storm?

Go to the links posted and you'll find out.


--- Quote from: "DeltaPFC" ---Are we allowed to use hi caps at either the boot camp or Op: Sand Storm?
--- End quote ---

Negative.  Only standards and midcaps  :( .

Yeah no hi caps. I think you can get a box of 8 mid caps for $49.99 at SAD, I think.



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