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Operation Over-load Sep 23rd.


real short notice. game starts on the 23rd at 6:00 pm ends at midnight.

American Liberation Force:

You have been called upon to investigate a disturbance originating from a known enemy strong hold. Citizens of the outlying city have evacuated fearing a large outbreak of violence between the two forces could result in the use of Heavy weapons and armor. Your objective is to infiltrate the enemy Garrison and Shut down The source of the disturbance. Be aware There has been un confirmed reports of local radicals possibly acting as security personnel for the enemy. Once you have located your objective, Destroy It and return to the briefing area for your next mission.
Destruction of enemy radio=win

Al Dazari Regime:

You have been warned by Fellow loyalist that the Americans are after your radio communication technology.
All troops are to be deployed immediately before the Americans arrive to your location. Your Objective is to defend your radio from being destroyed and to eliminate all enemy units. If you have successfully defended your radio for the duration of the transmissions, you will return to the briefing area for your next mission.
Successfully Defend the radio=Win
Elimination of enemy troops=Win

Rules Of Death

There is a 5 min Respawn rule.

For the Americans their respawn area is the concrete tube/Briefing area

For the ADR, their respawn will be determined on the game date.

One hit kill standard rule.

Grenade rules will apply (if applicable)

Time to meet will be around 6 PM. The game will start right before dark and will end aroud Midnight (or Later) the game date IS set to be on the 23rd over at Krash's Northwest OP site.

Link to op listing

you can go ahead and post here too.

Sooooo did anyone go to this?

yes some of us that live here in Tucson went to this game and we all had a ton of fun!
aside from the one injury we are all looking forward to the next night op.


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