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Take down guides and other guides very helpful.

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Tokyo Marui m14 ... isassembly

How to paint multicam ... =17441528&

M4/M15 takedown guide ... opic=65679

Ver2 mechbox take down ... opic=81541

Mp5 take down ... opic=64303

Ak47 take down ... opic=45405

G&G m14 take down ... opic=70049

G&G UMG take down ... opic=60966

Thompson take down ... opic=53542

G3 SG1 take down ... opic=43147

G36 take down ... opic=43274

Wireing for a crane stock ... pic=100433

Spring power chart

How to paint a rifle ... opic=70734

Reconmended upgrade parts at a certain fps ... opic=28116

How to wear an ak for realism ... highlight=

Eo-tech protective lense ... &hl=EOtech

Relay switch guide ... opic=56354

How a MOSFET works

AGM m14 internals ... opic=80143

Type 89 internals ... bunkai.htm

Hopup guide ... 118&cat=49

Gear set ratios ... earset.htm

MP7 take down ... opic=50951

internal ... opic=70638

Hand signs

VFC HK416 review ... 8038&st=20

Ver2 upgrade video ... video.html

How to make a Paracord sling ... dsling.htm

G&P Spec Op review ... pic=117409

Tokyo Maruio Socom 16 review ... opic=91346

Escort Mp5 DIY kit review ... pic=115744

Star m249 Para review ... opic=37077

Tokyo Marui Glock 17 review ... pic=111073

King Arms EBR stock review ... opic=57238

Tokyo marui Type89 review ... pic=107249

Echo1 Mp5 review ... o-1-mp5a4/

Which clyinder to get for barrel length chart ... arrels.htm

STICKY THIS NOW! Great work Pilz!


--- Quote from: "Morgann0" ---STICKY THIS NOW! Great work Pilz!
--- End quote ---

It's amazing I actually did somthing useful.

For the record, that "Hand Signs" link is a fake. Its a joke.  Read it.

Edit and post this one.



--- Quote from: "Morgann0" ---For the record, that "Hand Signs" link is a fake. Its a joke.  Read it.

Edit and post this one.

--- End quote ---

I fixed it, thank you for the link I will be adding more as I find them. I have alot of them in my favorites, but they are very unorginised so it makes it hard to find them.


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