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Dear fellow AA forum members,

I'd like to share with you some of my more recent concerns.  In the near past, there have been certain new forum members that are underage for our hobby, yet still have brought it upon themselves to take every opportunity to pollute our fine, informative forum with every simple thought that crosses their mind.

I assure you, us Moderators will take every opportunity to completely delete every pointless, useless post, necropost, and attempt to gain forum rank by unestablished members.

To those who think it's a good idea to pollute our forums, take this into consideration:
At some point, if you're worth a damn, you will have to show your face at an Official AA game, and you WILL be held accountable for everything you say on these forums.  

You are not merely hiding behind a computer screen!  A great majority of the posters on this forum are active airsoft players in Arizona, and hold themselves and their forum contributions to a higher standard.

Next time you want to start a new thread, or even reply to one, ask yourself "does this really matter, and is it worth typing?"

This is not a chatroom that exists to entertain your every desire to see your own words in script.  This is a place to share information, ask legitimate questions, and discuss every aspect of our hobby.

So, before the next time you take a shit on your keyboard and click the "Submit" button, take this into consideration.

If not, you won't last long, and will not be welcome on our forums in the future.

To all the productive members of our forum, do not entertain these types by replying to a necropost.  Moderators have an easier time deleting one post, than cleaning up an entire thread.

Thank you, and enjoy the forum!


high five

I've always wondered who'd win in a grappling match, you or Christian  :P

One other option that might make it easier on you mods would be to have a forum abuse report thread ala ASR.  That seems to be pretty effective on there, then again maybe we don't have the volume here to make it necessary.

What did I miss?  This is what happens when you only check once a day!  :D


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