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Alright, listen up people.  I'm getting an ever increasing number of complaints (PM's, emails, I've even gotten fucking phone calls) from people about other people and how they feel slighted, yada yada yada, not to mention threads I've seen that made me want to punch the person making the posts.  I initially chalked it up to the normal summer build up but it hasn't let up and summer is long gone.  AirsoftArizona has always been pretty relaxed on how people behave but some people are taking it too far, doing it far too often, and doing it in completely inappropriate threads.  I'm not going to make everybody hold hands and sing kumbaya but am I going to start making some people behave.  First off, lets start with some tips/pointers.

Younger crowd (meaning primarily under 18):  If you join these forums and immediately start talking about how much you know about SpecialOps, the military, etc, and your entire family are green berets, etc, you WILL get ridiculed.  Period.  You've managed to annoy the majority of the forum in a single post.  I'll stop it if I feel it gets out of hand but you brought it on yourself.  I know you were probably raised to think you aren't responsible for anything but that's not the way I roll.  If you want to be treated with respect, treat others with respect and don't start demanding it.  You don't demand respect, you earn it.  I get that you want to start a team, more power to you.  But there's a good number of people on this forum who have and/or are serving in our armed forces who feel you are disrespecting them by trying to start your airsoft "SpecOps" team.  You aren't going to convince people you are awesome by telling them how awesome you think you are.  You are just going to make them think you are a douche bag.  Lastly, if you go off on a profanity laced rage fest you will be taking a vacation from the forums.

Vet crowd (meaning longer term members of the forum): These days I'm seeing some of you behave worse than the children, including some of you old enough to be MY dad.  Act your fucking age.  Knowing how kids are raised these days, I'm willing to cut them a little more slack since some of them honestly probably don't know better.  However, I know that's not the case with you.  Yes, occasionally somebody will say something that simply needs to be ridiculed a bit.  There's a limit to that in general but when that's the majority of your posting, you need to stop posting.

Teams:  I'm a very competitive person myself, and I get team loyalty.  But when your team "loyalty" turns into open unprovoked attacks on other teams/players, that's unacceptable.  I don't care that they've insulted your honor or whatever they've done in the past.  Either resolve it by PM or keep it to yourself.  Once again, act your fucking age.  In addition on the forums, your team affiliation doesn't mean shit to me.  You will be treated the same way as anybody else, regardless of your affiliation.  If someone slights a member of your team, that does not give your entire team free reign to retaliate.  Some of you have basically adopted a gang mentality when it comes to your team and it needs to stop.

With all that said, people need to grow a thicker skin.  I've been getting complaints about the slightest possible insult.  When I read the post in question and I'm not even sure they are trying to insult you but you are complaining to me, you need to get over it.  In addition, most of the time, you probably had it coming.  As you can tell by my language, I'm not asking you to keep things PG rated or saying you can't say anything negative.

What does this all mean?  Unless what you posted was WAY out of line, you'll get a warning and points against your account.  If your account reaches a certain number of points, it will automatically be temporarily banned.  Those points do go away over time automatically.  However, when I (and any other admin/moderator) look at your account, I can immediately see a list of your past warnings.  Some people on here have already received half a dozen warnings for doing the same thing.  When you get a temp ban, it will tell you why you were banned when you try to log in.  If your behavior continues after a temp ban, you will be permanently banned.  I know a lot of you think you are smart and know ways around a ban.  I've been doing this a long time and have a pretty reliable gut feeling when it comes to this sort of thing.  If I think you created a new account and are continuing the behavior on a new account, I'll ban a new account no questions asked.

Lastly, if you are going to send me a butt hurt email/PM because you think this is directed at you personally, save yourself the time and don't bother.  I have a full time job and when I am getting emails while at work because I have to get on here and play babysitter it puts me in a cranky mood.


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