Author Topic: selling/trading my custom G&P M4/SR-25 hybrid custom  (Read 1163 times)

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selling/trading my custom G&P M4/SR-25 hybrid custom
« on: July 17, 2013, 01:36:02 PM »
hey every1 I'm looking for a Version 3 Generation 3  Fusion engine to drop into my LCT NV TK-104 (AK-104) build. I have had pretty much nothing but M4's and am getting tired of them to be honest. I am putting my prized M4/SR-25 hybrid build on the table to trade for for a V3 GEN3 P* (or its cash value) this is a $900.00 gun although I payed more than that in shipping.. I know what my rifle is worth and I know what a (brand new) v3 gen3 fusion engine is worth with top of the line 4500psi tank and air rig. so I know that my rifle is a very fair trade for a P* and tank and rig. but if anyone wants to pay cash for the gun please don't try to widdle my price down from $850.00. the only two ways I'll part with this gun is for $850.00 or a virtually new PolarStar V3 GEN3 fusion engine.

heres a list of whats on/in the rifle and what I payed for it (not counting shipping):

G&P complete (rear wired) M4 full metal receiver/gearbox: $160
Magpul PTS motor grip: $30.00
Magpul PTS trigger guard: $13.00
G&P 30mm QD M-1 scope mount: $50.00
G&P M-1 3.5-10X40 red illuminated Scope: $90.00
A&K SR-25 style outer bull barrel with QD silencer: $115.00
G&P K.A.C. URXii 11.5" freefloat R.A.S.: $135.00
G&P Marine (fixed) battery stock: $100.00
Scar type (gripod) Vertical Grip: $18.00
Element AN/PEQ 16a Light box (not battery box): $48.00
A&K SR-25 metal hop up chamber: $15.00
Angel Custom 630mm 6.01mm tight bore inner barrel: $50.00
Angel Custom H-nub: $8.00
Elite Force 140rd Midcaps (box of 10): $63.00
A&K 360rd Polymer (waffle) Hi-Cap mag: $12.00
GDT (real steel) 45 degree offset front and rear sights: $25.00

pictures of the gun in all its glory:

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