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AA Members,

Just wanted to inform the community that our machined gearboxes are now available for order. Quantities are limited due to the incredible amount of time needed to machine a box entirely from bar stock. For those interested, we are a LOCAL company (Mesa). Im sure I've bumped shoulders with most of you at one point or another.


Price is set at $349


From the site:




The Cradle Billet Box has been designed from the ground up to be the most robust gearbox available. That’s because our mechanical engineers have meticulously reworked standard gearbox geometry where it matters most to optimize strength, fit, and function.

Improvements over standard gearbox shells:

1. Wire routing paths have been increased in size to allow for running higher gauge power wires and FET signal wires.

2. Integrated shelf at motor entrance position means wires are protected from the motor pinion gear when installing or removing the motor.

3. Anti-Reversal Latch access window. Allows user to decompress spring prior to gearbox disassembly.

4. Angle of Engagement viewport. This hole allows users to view sector gear to piston rack alignment thereby aiding in making fine AoE adjustments.

5.Optimized to fit Siegetek gearsets.


We machine every gearbox in house on our high speed vertical machining centers to ensure the quality and precision of every unit. After machining, each box is deburred and hand inspected to ensure a perfect finish prior to being type-III hard anodized for abrasion and wear resistance. Both high performance and conservative builds will benefit from the smooth function of properly aligned internal gearbox components like gears, tappet plates and pistons.  This box accepts 8mm bushings or bearings and standard V2 gearbox internals.



Compatible with Version 2 AEGs and internal components.*



    Machined from domestic 6061 T-6 aluminum bar stock
    Durable type-III hard anodize finish
    Machined in the USA
    Laser etched markings won’t fade or rub off
    Includes necessary hardware to join gearbox halves and mount motor/grip
    Accepts 8mm bushings or bearings (not included)
    Various internal and external improvements to allow for ease of use and tuning.

*While we have designed the box around the original TM spec, it is possible that some parts or combination of parts may require modification beyond the scope of general users. For this reason we recommend this product only for technically inclined enthusiasts and techs comfortable with modifications or other fixes. We make no guarantees to parts compatibility due to the non-standardized specifications of many manufacturers.

If you have any questions or want to stop by to take a look at a box feel free to PM me!

Thanks guys,

Nice idea!

huh, when i saw the thread on am about your gb's i never realized that you guys were local to az.


--- Quote from: spazz on November 19, 2013, 05:45:57 PM ---huh, when i saw the thread on am about your gb's i never realized that you guys were local to az.

--- End quote ---

I think you were "absent" when he started selling his stuff for the KJW M4's.

Might Be pricy. BUT ITS AMERICAN. Not to mention this type of construction might yield better performance for anyone setting up a sniper or machine gun system based on V2 gearbox.  though ill wait for the Experts too throw in there own Opinions on this matter. 


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