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Multiple Reviews
« on: July 05, 2014, 06:21:14 PM »
A&K Full Metal Mk43 Mod 0 / M60E4 Navy Airsoft Light Machine Gun AEG

I purchased an A&K M60E4 after getting myself all hyped up on an online sale and wanting a machine gun. After doing a lot of research of what was out there at the time mainly comparing it to the A&K M249 I picked the M60 because it has the ability to feed on trigger squeeze instead of sound or modifying it to use a button.

The thing was impressive when I first received it. It weighed a ton but I knew that was to be expected. I was extremely disappointed in the range and accuracy of it. Previous to this I had used CYMA AK’s, and several M4s that were excellent at both.

I used it in several big games and the number one thing that kept happening was the switch on the box mag would rub against something inside the green mag harness and turn the magazine off. It really sucks because you can’t get your hand down there to turn it back on without removing the magazine. The simple fix was to cut a hole in the fabric or just tape over the switch so it can’t move. I’m not sure why you would want an on/off switch anyway since you can disconnect the mag wire from the gun and that does the same thing.

Getting back to what I mentioned earlier. The magazine will feed on trigger pull. There is a wire from the magazine that hooks to the weapon. The weapon hooks to the main battery and you have one battery powering everything. This is the main reason I chose this over the m249.

In the end it was disappointing in the field to say the least. The few issues I had with the magazine were not what made me dislike it. The range and accuracy were so bad that you couldn’t keep up with standard M4s. The only time it was effective was suppression at medium to close ranges.

I ended up trading it and the guy upgraded it and used it a lot. He loved it but he was a machine gun junkie. I’m glad he got the use out of it I couldn’t. I would only recommend this if you plan to upgrade it completely. It isn’t much fun stock. Your mileage may vary.

G&P Limited Edition M4 Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Zombie Killer Laser Engraving

This has to be one of the most fun M4s I have ever owned. Not only does it look awesome with the markings but it performs really well. It had a high rate of fire and I was always getting people who were amazed by how fast it shot. It was also very accurate right out of the box. I always felt that I had the better weapon when I was on the field. It could suppress when needed and take out people with accuracy as well.

During one game I somehow managed to get something lodged in the barrel causing a backload of BB’s and ultimately breaking the piston in the gearbox. It was a shame but an airsoft tech fixed it up for me. The piston looked real cheap but even the high end stuff for gear boxes is cheaply made.

Overall it was a great gun and worth the price. I ended up taking it apart to rewire it from the front handgrip to the new crane stock. I was an absolute noob and lost a few parts when I opened the gearbox. I found someone who was willing to trade me for it. They were happy and I was happy. Was really sad to see it go though.
G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider Airsoft AEG Rifle – Black
I bought this m4 for my younger brother along with the G&P zombie killer. Reviews and research told me this was the perfect platform for affordability and reliability. The cheap price and ABS body shouldn’t turn anyone away. The ABS body was much stronger than some metal bodies I’ve seen and it survived the rough and tumble.

Out of the box accuracy wasn’t as good as the G&P but it was good enough to be competitive. A lot of my friends really enjoyed using it and overall they were extremely happy with the platform. A few upgrades later if you want and you have something that can compete with the rest. I would recommend for new beginners.

Javelin Full Metal M4A1 Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle

My uncle purchased this M4 with the intent of getting into airsoft the same time I purchased the CYMA AK’s. I had the opportunity to take this to an airsoft game while loaning out my AKs and I must say this was a really good weapon. The range and accuracy were good enough to stand against people with better equipment and more experience than myself and I don’t think it was very expensive.

During another game my Dad was using this platform and the weak plastic in the grip where the screws go gave away and the grip was just hanging there. It was the only thing that went bad on the gun the entire time that we used it. My Dad later bought it from my uncle and he has enjoyed using it since.

JG Aug

I received this and a KWA Mac 11 in trade for my parts of a G&P Zombie killer. I never knew what to expect from it but at this point the JG S-system proven to me that JG’s can be reliable and effective with heavy use and for long periods of time.

The cosmetic parts were damaged as I was informed they would be such as the front grip but the weapon was flawless. I ended up switching out for it mid game and was amazed at the accuracy. It is a very good platform. The bullpup design was interesting to get use to but the weight and overall balance was very good.

The built in scope was somewhat accurate and the dual stage trigger for semi auto and full auto was something new that felt natural and was easy to get used to. Overall with my short time using it and mainly keeping it as a backup I enjoyed it very much.

KWA Mac 11

Only thing you can say after pulling the trigger on a fully loaded mag was ‘that was fast’. The ROF on this thing is crazy and you can empty a magazine in shorter amount of time than it took to load it or even gas up the magazine. This is one of those last ditch whip it out and spray before you die guns. I had a buddy jump in a 6 foot trench system with this and take out several guys. It is reliable, easy to use, and a load of fun.

Some genius even dropped it in the sand after I just oiled it and after she was clean up she still worked. I later traded it out.

JG S-System

With all of the other M4 platforms that I owned it took a long time to warm up to this one. The reason why is because I thought JGs were awful and that it looked hideous! This one was owned by a buddy who had it for a long time. It never once failed during the several years we played together or during the time that I had it.
It may look ugly but it has the accuracy and right amount of fire power to be the most cost effective solution to kicking ass that you can find. All of my other M4 platforms had an issue with the magazines fitting loose in the mag well. Not with this system. All of the mags of multiple brands fit tightly.

This gun continued to impress so much that several other people bought them over their fancy high dollar guns because of how well they worked. I cannot praise this weapon enough and out of everything I owned I loved this one the best. I would actually recommend someone buy this before the G&G.

CYMA AK47s & AK74u

These were the first two airsoft guns I own and strictly bought them because it was what I could afford at the time. I was not let down because these things are sniper rifles. They are extremely accurate. More accurate than any other AEG I’ve ever used. The only problem is the metal bodies are weak pot metal and the AK74u shattered like ice when it was dropped on the ground. Granted it still fired and with it all taped together I had a friend who kept using it over and over.

CYMA is not a bad brand for AKs. It is the only brand I know of that is decent. Don’t drop them though because that is game over.
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