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KWA gbb track record problems.

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Im a very active gbb user. Been through eleven different gas guns. Ranging from WE, g&p, ect. Now by far the guns that consistently disappoint and provide problems are kwa guns in my experience. Out of five only one kwa gun worked as it should have. My m11a1 developed huge stress cracks at the rear of the lower receiver. The usp would go full auto or burst at random times. The atp wouldnt fully cycle usually providing weak recoil, low fps, and sometimes not even feeding properly. The mp9 was the best as it worked as it should.

Now my latest kwa fiasco is a kriss vector. There is an apparent issue of the lower receiver frame rails and bolt carrier. They grind on each other and prevent the bolt from being taken out of the receiver for dis assembly. Pulling the charging handle feels so gritty and the bolt will get stuck in the rear position sometimes. After lots of high grit sanding on the rail guides and the bolt carrier i ended up sending it in to KWA as there was no improvement. This guy is going to cost $105 to repair! None of my other gbb's have ever given more of a headache and problems than KWA guns do. Except maybe the WE g39c which had a loose barrel assembly that was unfixable. Any body else had problems like these with KWA gbb's?

I really love Kwa and like the kriss the most if you are having issues hit me up and I can fix them all. Won't cost a whole bunch but will be quality work. Send me a pm if u want. I have had hands on every one of the kwa guns you have and know them well.

Its already in KWA's hands. The part they are replacing isnt available from their proshop which is why its pretty expensive. The lower assembly is being replaced and thats $70. The original lower had some intense gouging in the metal which im unsure of what caused it. Could have been the last tech that worked on in.

Admittedly some of these go back to their pre-KWA USA days, but....

No Issues:  USP (NS2), USP Compact (NS2), 1911 PTP, MP9
Some Issues:  M92R II, Glock 18c
Major Issues:  TMP, M92R

But, I can say that about nearly every airsoft company in business.  The only one that I can say has always been a disappointment is King Arms.

I remember when it was a sin to step onto an OP site with a CYMA Echo1 or Boyi....mabey still with boyi...


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