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KWA M226 PTP Problems

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My trusty sidearm has been failing me of late and I am at a loss as to why.  When I shoot it, with full mags and gas, it will shoot once but will not recock the hammer for the next shot, I have to manually re cock the gun.  It does this for about 3/4 of the mag and then will shoot the last 5 shots or so perfectly.  It had been a while since I cleaned it so I tore it down and wiped it clean and then re oiled everything and it did not help the problem at all.  So has anyone else encountered this problem or have ideas on possible solutions?  Any help would be great.

Check the cylinder area and all the orings and springs, make sure its not getting stuck or jammed.

May you tell me the style of gun it is?

Sorry just read title, I would check the blow back assemblyike the last person said, but I'd also check for rubbing or stress points in the pistol that might have worn parts that are not contacting with the slide as it goes by

so im a bit of a gbb neophyte, where would i find the blowblack assembly?


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