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WTS 8" .300 blkout barrel and AR 40rd pmags.


kilmans ghost:
Hey guys,

Figured i'd give it a shot on here.  Trying to sell an RSM 8" .300 Blackout barrel with a 1:7 twist.
Comes with a Troy Ind 7.62 cal Claymore muzzle break; crush washer; and a melonite coated, pistol length, stainless steel gas tube. If i can find a LP gas block, i'll toss it in with it.  It's very lightly used, exactly 120 rds through it and cleaned it as best i could.
It's not that there's anything wrong with it, the idea to build a .300 blkout upper receiver came and went and is now just lying around and built a .223 wylde upper receiver in place of it.
Looking for about $160 out of it but toss an offer.

Gonna also add some pmags to this thread.
I use my 30rd Pmags a helluva lot more than i do with the 40rd ones I've had for a couple years.
So I'm going to sell off 7 M3 40rd Pmags. Each have been used only twice to break in a bit and what not.
I'll sell off all 7 for $70 and will toss in a Condor large utility pouch to fit them all inside of in UCP.

Can either send me a pm on here or text me anytime at 480 274 5437

DAMN IT, if i did not spend my money on getting a 1.8th twist forged Barrel in 556. i would so get this.

kilmans ghost:
i dont think its going anywhere for awhile. lol

kilmans ghost:


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