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Team Six Experience at VIP Airsoft


Marauders Airsoft:
Marauders Tactical Training is hosting three Team Six Experiences at VIP Airsoft in Gilbert this summer.

Visit the link below for more information:

Dates are:  June 6, July 23, and August 6
Times for each event is 6 am - 10 am

Admission is $60 general public and $40 for MTT Season Pass Owners.

Email for more information.

Marauders Airsoft:
Here is the video from the first Team Six Experience hosted at VIP Airsoft by Marauders. 

The next one is scheduled for July 23 (6 am - 10 am).

Marauders Airsoft:
The last Team Six Experience is scheduled for this Saturday, August 6.  The event starts at 6 am and ends at 10 am and will feature three interconnected missions.

Send an email to for more information or visit the links in the thread above.


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