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I've never been the most talkative guy on the forums but I was looking at the forum stats and noticed a major dip in forum traffic in 2013-2014.  After a while being away from the sport I've been trying to get back in it but it's been tough with the lack of quality events and overall, state-wide slow down of the Arizona community.

What I'm getting at is more then anything I have a question for some of the older members of Airsoft Arizona.  What do you guys think caused that major dip in traffic on the site and the presumed death of the sport and Arizona?  As will as the death of quality Mil-sim games, such as the games the Combat Challenge guys hosted?

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this post and I apologize if it rubs anyone the wrong way.. 

Take your pick there's a variety of factors.  A lot of the vets just moved on to other things as they got older.  Life and such.  Personally I also think Ron's passing was a large factor as well.  It was pretty rare to drop in and not find me or some other vet just hanging out there.  That always served as motivation for lazy people such as myself to actually go play.  A lot of other activity was based around him and Gearbox as well.  Swap meets, a place to meet up for deals, etc.

I know various groups also had some on field drama that created rifts as well.  The player base changed a lot over the years and a lot of vets weren't fans of the change.  That further decreased the desire to play.

Regarding site traffic specifically, a lot of people especially younger players moved to social media.  Other people tried to start up their own forum.  That just further divides the player base.  That said, it's not just AA either.  ASR is dead.  ASF has 1 whole member online right this moment, Arnies has 10.  Between the two of them they've had 3 new topics created today and they're both international forums.  Those three forums made up the top 3 airsoft forums by traffic a few years ago.  Considering we're geared towards just AZ, we're holding up better than most.

I agree with mace. The passing of Ron took its toll on the airsoft community and losing the local shop with legitimate experienced techs and all around awesome guys to be around. I found myself driving out of my way to go to gearbox and just talk with those guys. And also like mace said, the division of a few teams hurt the community as well. And those teams continued to try to keep hosting games but it seems or felt like there wasn't any interest in a milsim style game. It quickly turned into speedball mentality out at sasco/4 peaks etc.

These are just some of the biggest factors that caused it. There are many many more but we won't go into that.

Thanks for the insight guys.  I had a feeling Ron's passing had something to do with it.  Its a shame a quality Airsoft shop hasn't opened in a central area like Tempe again.  I'm sure a bunch of us miss the long two or three day events..  But I even miss the day games like Red Dagger II and the national guard armory in Mesa.  Good times..


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