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« on: July 10, 2016, 10:47:52 PM »
I'm Tremor...until you meet me in person of course ;)

I'm a college guy. I just got started in airsoft. I've got my own rifle and handgun plus attachments. I found this forum googling the word combination in google.

I tried laser tag-- I was dissatisfied with getting shot at with imaginary bullets and no dodge time. I tried paintball-- the hopper on top, need to entirely guess my shots, lack of a stock, and need treat the gun like a long range artillery cannon past 30-40ft disappointed me. :-\

So, I came to airsoft. My interest is... I guess "softcore" Milsim. I want to be with a crowd that likes the game for the fun of it, but that takes firing maneuvers and tactics seriously, and uses radios. 8)

I'm a weekend airsofter. My experiences have all been at VIP/Vanguard on Saturdays or Thursdays. I rarely see people there my age, and I would like to go to places at time slots where the players are my age and have a decent idea of what they're doing (I have nothing against guys younger than me, it's just kinda awkward being the only adult in the game).

If any of you share my milsim desires, live in Tempe, Scottsdale, or Gilbert, and do weekend airsoft, message me! :D
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