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SPEC OPS Challenge - Nov. 19 - 20 Marauders Urban Assault Course


Marauders Airsoft:
The SPEC OPS Challenge is hosted by Marauders Tactical Training at the Urban Assault Course about one hour west of Phoenix.  Upcoming dates include:

November 19 - 20
January 21 - 22
February 25 - 26
March 25 - 26
April 29 - 30

The event features two full day of training that includes rappelling, building clearing, patrol operations and force on force missions (Ultimate Training Munitions or airsoft ).

Visit the link below for video from Mission 2 of the our last event hosted on Oct. 22 - 23.

Get a discounted admission to this two day event at our booth at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show on Dec. 2 - 4.  These discounted admissions are $100 and can be used at any of the dates listed above.

Visit the link below for more information about the program.


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