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Operation Red Sleigh Down XII [SASCO 12.10.2016@0700]

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[size=150]Operation Red Sleigh Down[/size]
The Battle for the Misbehaved

TAC in coordination with the Desert Hawks is proud to present the 12th annual Operation Red Sleigh Down on Saturday, December 10th 2016.  Operation Red Sleigh Down is a benefit game that raises awareness about children in need this holiday season.  Near the holiday season each year, we gather to play an organized airsoft event and fill a car with new unwrapped toys and then donate those toys to the USMC Toys For Tots program.  Please consider coming out, helping those in need, and having a good time with us while you are at it.

To see what the community was able to donate in previous years visit the below link:

Welcome to the 2016 annual Toys of Tots charity drive “Red Sleigh Down” this year is ‘the Battle for the Misbehaved’.

A millennia ago the forces of Old Saint Nick locked away the evil Krampus for what they thought would be the rest of eternity.  His prison was to be specially built in the southwest deserts on the continent of North America magically locked away far from the North Pole where his evil influence could never be felt. Ever since, Santa Clause has been happily spreading the joy of Christmas with his band of merry elves. However unannounced to Saint Nick, Krampus's devilish lieutenants were hard at work securing his release. Even now The Grinch, Frau Perchta, and the Yule Lads are capturing rotten children around the world for their nefarious plan. At this very moment they move on the five magical seals built to hold Krampus, littering the area with their captured children in cursed discarded Santa bags to weaken the seals. However fear not for the United States Marines are on guard to save Christmas!

This event is by admission only.  Your admission is unwrapped toys with an equal or greater value of $10.  Cash donations are discouraged, but if you forget your items a suggested cash donation of $15 will allow the staff to purchase items in your behalf when dropping the donations off.

For more information on the Toys For Tots Program please visit their website:


December 10th 2016
Show@ 0700
Chrono@ 0715
Briefing@ 0745
Guns up@ 0800

General Rules: 
Everyone MUST Read

Special Note
Radios are not required for this event, but are HIGHLY recommended due to how the objectives are spread out and the play is fluid.  Please also note this event is being planned as a MILSIM Battlefield type event with a fun twist.  This means that we expect limited return trips to cars and staging areas.  Please be prepared to carry everything on your person that you need to play and stay on your feed, including plenty of water and extra ammunition.

As has been the case for a few years now this will be a classic Battlefield style capture the flag event held at Sasco. There may be some bonus points awarded during the game for capturing red sacks which will be scattered throughout the battle field. Additionally, to get you all in the Christmas spirit at the start of the event admin will award a few bonus points for both sides for bringing and using a Red Santa hat as a death rag!

Please RSVP by name only (No +## Ex. quadro +1) If others are coming and you are their primary form of contact with the forum please list a name for them.  For example, Kileyhaz & ChanceR is preferable to Me +1.  Thanks.


Krampus's Evil Lieutenants (GREEN): (Includes ACU, ATACS and ABU in addition to the usual Woodland and Tiger Stripe)

Santa’s Army & The United States Marines (TAN): (Includes Multicam* in addition to the usual Desert patterns. *Multicam should be prepared to be shuffled/divided as needed to make numbers work evenly)

*RSVP can also be done on the Facebook event invite

Original posts for RSVP can be found here:

HPA allowed?
Mid caps only?
They aren't specifically mentioned in rules

Rogue Fox:
+2 6ca on green. Waiting to hear back from the rest of the guys.

+2 for green. Also posted a reply on the FB page you put Kiley. Cheers.


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