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Prologue [Benson AZ 02.11.2017@0500]



--- Quote ---Attention: The following is a planned day long MilSim event.  There is no admission cost but we do expect a level of decorum from the participants which means you need to be able to communicate using a radio, perform some basic navigation, take orders, and be able to work in small and large teams.  If you are interested please be sure you meet the minimum requirements as put forth on the event page linked below.
--- End quote ---

The Desert Hawks in coordination with CCAB are proud to present:

When it begins... Who will you side with?

700 W Singing Wind Rd, Benson, AZ 85602
Directions are HERE

Saturday, February 11th
0500 Arrive and preparation
0600 Registration & Chrono*
0700 Pregame Brief
0730 Game Start

*You must chrono on time, if your late you will not be allowed to play until staff can chrono check you, make plans to be on time or early.

The story thus far...
The year is 2025...  San Francisco lays in waste...  The UN has all but fallen...  China has bankrupt dozens of world powers...  Nations turn on one another and civilization grinds to a halt...  This is the dawn of a modern dark age...

The United Nations Response Forces are the military arm of the flagging UN.  Will you join them in bringing peace and prosperity back to the world?

Red Fall started as a Veteran outreach program but became so much more.  Will you join them in bringing stability back to an unstable time? 

United Nations Response Forces
--Camo requirements: MultiCam, Desert MARPAT, ACU, ATACS-Arid, or solid tan

Red Fall
--Camo requirements: Woodland, Woodland MARPAT, Tiger Stripe, ATACS-Forest, or solid olive drab

Sign up for more updates by linking The Desert Hawks Airsoft facebook page located here:

Read more about Prologue and enlist for the UNRF or Red Fall here:

These forums will not be actively monitored by Desert Hawks game staff with much frequency.  Your best source of information as it comes out such as AO photos and other promotional posts is going to be the facebook event posting.  You can find the event posting here:

We also use an RSVP system from our website at for folks to sign up for a specific faction and position.  You can reach it from several enlistments links located on the event page at here:

Thank you for your attention, hope to see you out there!

It's going down tomorrow!  85 registered participants not counting embedded player staff or general administration staff.  Red Fall (green and woodland patterns) is closed but we have a little room for a few more players on UNRF (tan and multicam patterns).  If you have not registered but want to play its not too late!

Meet us in Benson AZ at Singing Wind Bookshop before 0700-0800 in the morning ready to go with mid caps, appropriate uniform, extra batteries, radio, and hydration gear plus any other gear you need to be on your feet for 6 hours.

Review the rules:

Catch up on the story line and expectations here:

Or here:

Finally, the AO is located here:,-110.3146445,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x86d70212a5daec6b:0x91d3d602bab275c7!8m2!3d32.0141566!4d-110.3124558

Thank you all who have supported Prologue so far!  We hope you guys have a great time!  It is always our goal to continue to experiment, iterate, and evolve so we look forward to getting feedback from you following the event as well.


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