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Intro - Joey AKA Mr. Joseph
« on: January 23, 2017, 01:58:58 PM »
This will be short because I only created this account so I could message admin and ft my old account back. I've been a member since inception. I've had two times in my life that I played airsoft for 2-4 years. I'm just now getting back to it with my KWA LM4 and TM 1911.

Anyways, my username was Mr. Joseph and I really want it back. The problem is the password reset goes to an email address that no longer exists and I can't get back. It's a email address and cox says I can't get it back even though when I send an email to it the cox mail daemon bounces it back saying g no such address exists.

I have PM'd the two administrators I could see. Can anyone tell me if they know if they will do this for me? I'll send them any info they want. My last name is Sicilian and very singular so I was hoping that with a pic of my drivers license they would do it. Should I maybe be sending PMs to moderators too?

Help me out here fellas, I really want my old user name back. It's from like 1999 or 2000.

Anyways. I was at fightertown last Saturday with my nephew and will be there Saturday and/or Sunday this weekend. It's really nice, but I loved the AA games out in the Arizona deserts and woods.