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Prescottonia Attacks Paysonstan

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It's been a decade, Prescottonia's civil war has finally ended. Peace treaty is signed between Greenada and Tanistan. Now a new enemy has surfaced, the neighboring country, Paysonstan.

After the treaty, the leaders of the newly formed Prescottonia has found new evidence of deception. Paysonstan was the key provider of military arms and supplies to both sides of the war.

Paysonstan took the opportunity to flourish and become a superpower from the war drained Prescottonia. Providing Tanistan with their weapons, and buying at a discounted price from United Cities of Phoenix and selling Greenada their weapons.

After being puppets for Paysonstan to profit off their war. Prescottonia has demanded for retribution and supplies to repair their war torn country. Paysonstan has refused and denied any wrong doing. And have stood their ground and suggested that what they did was completely innocent and did not encourage or lead either side to continue their war.

Rumors and evidence sit close on the line of fiction and non. Tension near the border has broken after a Prescottonia commercial plane has been shot down. Paysonstan officials commented that their base bordering Prescottonia thought the plane was a bomber sent to drop ordinance on the base.

War!!!! Declared and Prescottonia is readying up and an invasion is making way to the border. Paysonstan has evacuated the base and regrouped to meet the neighboring invasion force.

April 29th
-Chrono at 0700
-Briefing at 830
-Battle at 9000
-Lunch at 1200
-Game continues at 1300
-Game ends at 1600

Game type
-Whiskey 1 Poker
4 points of interest
*Missile Launcher
*Ammo Supply
*Radar Tower
*Sea Wiz

Each point of interest gained will provide a hand of 5 cards. After given cards. The appointed runner must make it back to the FOB to radio in highest hand. Staff will radio hand to command and cards will be played. After hand is won, loud signal will be set off to let everyone know a point has been scored. Cards will be reset. Game will continue till lunch and end of day.

Example: If to points of interested is won, you will have 10 cards to use for 1 hand.

Other team will be given 15 min to reply or fold if time runs out. Each hand will launch a mortar symboling a point given to winner. After score, the points of interest will be given more cards.
Game will run till out of time.

Their will be side points of interest, providing you wild cards. These also must make it back to FOB and can be used for playing the hand. After discoverd, it will be moved to another location and reset back into game.
Example: Crates, boxes, dead bodies etc.


Chrono (Guns will be tagged with zipties)
-FPS (staff will check fps with hop ups off.) Chronoed with .20
-AEG 400fps
-DMR Semi Only 450fps 60ft engagement rule
-Sniper 550fps must run pistol under 100ft engagement rule
-DMR and Sniper must used sidearm for close engagements

-Midcap is highly recommended for a milsim experience but not required.

Medic rule
-2 bandages per person. Anyone can medic. After both bandages are used, bleed out 5 mins and reset your bandages after respawn.
-If you do not have bandages, you will have to respawn at designated respawn points. Bleed out time will be 2 min.

*Green based colors:
*Vietnam Tigerstripe
*Multicam Tropic
*Marpat Woodland
*Tan based colors
*3 color desert
*Chocalate Chip
*Multicam Arid
*Marpat Desert

Please be in uniform top and bottom. If you wear a tshirt, make it green or tan based depending the side you are on. Gear does not matter.


Please Please pick up garbage after you are done for the day.


Red Devil:
Just asking a question. All my guns meet lc crono rules. So is that going to be a problem? For instance bolt action is 520 with .25

We have changed the fps rules to AMS rules.

Bronze Dragon:
May 6th or april 29th?

It's April 29th. I asked the same on Facebook event page 👍


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