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New airsoft field plan

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hello everyone here in airsoft arizona... im about to buy a land and for the reason to make it a airsoft field. i wanna change the game type here in arizona. im planning to make mislim games make it more real to players that really enjoy playing airsoft game and that they take it serious. games that are required to test your ability as a player. i have been planning these for 2 years. so my question for you guys if you guys are willing to help and make a change and the way we play airsoft. dot wanna make the same type games as TDM or capture the flag wanna do more than that. hope to here from you guys. if you guys are wondering were im planning these . might be buckeye. and if everything goes as i plan and with your help the entrance to play will be from $ 7-9 dollars. all i wanna do is make player to get more of airsoft.

thanks guys.

I'm all about this. It's far from me, but I'd more than gladly make the drive, as long as it's a proper field(s): quality made structures, barricades, terrain, etc. Hope this works out for you.

Please make this true, I'd help out too since I live in Goodyear.

With English like that I have a feeling that was all bullshit.

Sorry not sorry.

No one ever said to be a asshole....


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