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Adxptive's Intro
« on: August 18, 2017, 05:07:34 PM »
Hi, Airsoft Arizona. I am a casual player from Gilbert, AZ. I absolutely love airsoft.

To start off, I am currently in high school, which makes playing regularly quite difficult. Nevertheless, I come to Wild West at least once a month. Occasionally, I play CQB, although it isn't completely my playstyle.

I build my guns from the bottom-up instead of buying guns that are decent out of the box. In my opinion, it is better to flat-hop and spend 120 bucks to upgrade a 150 dollar AEG than buy a Krytac and call it good. As such, I run a heavily upgraded G36C Competition. Most of the rifle has been replaced, save for a few things.

My G36 is designed around trigger response and medium ROF of 37-38 RPS, which balances it well for Wild West and CQB. On the outside, I have an EoTech 552 knockoff (the Chinese one) with a lens protector, a Grip Pod knockoff (from Bravo), and an unbranded taclight.

Inside the gearbox is what really makes my gun what it is.
-ZCI balanced motor (16tpa, replaced pinion with an SHS one to mesh right)
-Flat-hopped Prommy Purple bucking (looking to R-hop when my patch material comes in)
-SHS 13:1 gears (sector chip to prevent those pesky high-cap misfeeds)
-Guarder M110 spring
-Reshimming job using SHS shims (i actually managed to do bevel-pinion with those darned G36 motor cages)
-SHS G36 cylinder head (long type, teflonned the daylights out of it)
-Lonex POM G36 nozzle
-SHS 14 tooth piston (AoE corrected using aircraft-grade rubber, which is slightly softer than sorbo, with slightly largened #14 o-ring)
-Super Shooter (SHS) V3 spring guide
-Lonex V3 zinc chromed cut-off lever
-Guarder V3 tappet (sanded a bit for airseal)
-ZCI microswitch (stock one was faulty, and this one solders better for some reason)

Everything else is stock. I plan to replace the stock barrel with a ZCI one, and will definitely solder on Deans connectors. The trigger pull is light, but not a hair trigger (still do not plan to replace it because skeletonized or hair triggers for the G36 aren't made)

My loadout is designed around Wild West, so I wear DCUs. My 'rig' is a Condor battle belt and harness where I keep 3 extra magazines for my G36, speedloaders, and M4 mags for my teammates.

-Condor battle belt + h-harness
-3x Condor AK mag pouches
-Condor utility pouch
-Condor EMT pouch
-unbranded IFAK pouch

On my BDUs, I wear a Brill Armory patch, an Airsoft Mechanics patch (I'm there now and then), as well as a homemade Glaceon patch below my Airsoft Mechanics one, because I am a huge Pokemon fan and I have to express my geekishness to everyone (:c).

As an ameteur tech, I enjoy talking to people about internals, partially because it's something that I personally don't often come across. In addition, I'm very open to suggestions on how to improve my gun. I also love the 'HPA vs. SSG' debate, but it's mostly just friendly banter to me. HPA players are extremely fun to play with, and they are (somewhat) misunderstood.

Thanks for reading. I hope to become accepted into this forum!

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Re: Adxptive's Intro
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2017, 05:02:42 PM »
So you do inner barrel patches? And how much.
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Re: Adxptive's Intro
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2017, 02:01:30 PM »
welcome to airsoft arizona.
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