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Siege of Silver Creek


Attention all AirSofters of northern Arizona! - There is a battle planed for (October 28th) from 8:00am to 5:00pm. We will be playing on a new battlefield, Hosted by; Predator Special Operations!

 See main event here:

 Google map location: (Taylor AZ)
 34°23'11.6"N 110°01'56.1"W
 (Google Map Cords)

 If you are going hit the "going" button!

 Our game modes will be based on vote. Here are some of our game modes; TDM, Zombies, Air horn defenders, Trouble in terrorist  town, Search and destroy, and Juggernaut......Teams will be split up by team captains.

 We have a permit for the land we will be playing on.

 *** All attendees to this event must sign a waiver, they will be handed out before the event starts ***

 -- Regulations --

 Age limit is 12 yrs
 Head, eye, and face protection is required
 Have a dead rag ready
 BDU type and color are up to you

 -- FPS limits! --
 Fps limit is unrestricted but will be based on minimum engagement distance.

 See you on the battlefield Comrade!


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