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-- Operation Icestorm P.S.O -- (Northern Arizona) -- December 2 -- FREE ENTRY --


Attention all AirSofters of northern Arizona! - There is a battle planed for (December 2) from 10:00am to 5:00pm. We will be playing on a new battlefield, Hosted by; Predator Special Operations! Be sure to bring snow camo and warm clothes just in case.  JOIN THE FIGHT!

 Google map loacation: (Showlow AZ)
 34°23'11.6"N 110°01'56.1"W
The Battlefield consists of a canyon with a running creek, elm trees, rolling hills, and rocky slopes/cliffs.
If you are going hit the "going" button on our Facebook page, Link below!
-------> <-------

 Our gamemodes will be based on vote. Here are some of our gamemodes; TDM, Zombies, Air horn defenders, Trouble in terrorist town, Search and destroy, and Juggernaut......Teams will be split up by team captains. Groups maybe able to stay together...

 We have a permit for the land we will be playing on.

 *** All attendees to this event must sign a waiver, they will be handed out before the event starts ***

 -- Regulations --

 Age limit is 12 yrs
 Head, eye, and face protection is required
 Have a dead rag ready
 BDU type and color are up to you

 -- FPS limits! --
 Fps limit is unrestricted but will be based on minimum engagement distance.

 See you on the battlefield Comrade!

Who else is going.?

Currently... we have 10 to 15 people going check the Facebook page for updates..


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